What is a Hammond Organ worth?

What is a Hammond Organ worth?

What is a Hammond Organ worth?

New Hammond Organs can cost as little as $2,000. Hammond has several Church Financing solutions available for new Organs. Hammond Organs have up to a five year warranty on parts and one year labor.

Do they still make Hammond organs?

The organ is commonly used with the Leslie speaker. Around two million Hammond organs have been manufactured….

Hammond organ
Dates 1935–1975 (tonewheel models) 1967–1985 (transistor models) 1986–present (digital models)
Price $1,193 (Model A, 1935) $2,745 (Model B-3, 1954)
Technical specifications
Polyphony Full

Why is the Hammond B3 so popular?

The organ was originally marketed and sold by the Hammond B3 Organ Company to churches as a lower-cost alternative to the wind-driven pipe organ, or instead of a piano. It quickly became popular with professional jazz musicians in organ trios.

Which is better a Hammond BV or BC?

1942 Hammond model BC organ with 1958 Leslie #45 speaker with 122 amplifier and two speed motors. Is the BC better than the BV? How about when compared to the B2?

When did the Hammond brothers build Port Hammond?

The Hammond brothers and the Mohun family started planning for a booming Town of Port Hammond in 1882 when a contract to build the railroad to Port Moody would cut through both families’ properties.

What kind of tone does a Hammond BC have?

I’ve got a BC…wonderful stuff, my favorite of the Hammonds, aesthetically speaking (rare steam bent fallboard!), and probably tonally too. Hamman, you may have noticed your BC sounding “mellower” because of the age of the tone generator filters – replace them with factory spec value mylar’s and BANG, bright and nice.

Where is Port Hammond on the Fraser River?

In the early 1870s, several small communities had sprung up, consisting of a few families each, on the north side of the Fraser river in areas that would become The Ridge, Port Haney, Port Hammond, Pitt Meadows, Whonnock, Ruskin and Albion. Port Hammond is the location of John McIver’s family home.