What is a storage group?

What is a storage group?

What is a storage group?

A storage group is a named set of storage paths where data can be stored. Storage groups are configured to represent different classes of storage available to your database system. You can assign table spaces to the storage group that best suits the data.

What are storage groups used for?

A storage group, used with storage classes, separates the logical requirements of accessing data from the physical requirements to store the data. You can use storage group attributes to specify how the system should manage the storage group.

What is the maximum volume in storage group?

The maximum number of volumes used by a storage group is 133 (even though DB2 allows more than 133 volumes to be defined to a storage group). It usually is difficult to monitor more than 3 or 4 volumes to a STOGROUP , however. All volumes in a storage group must be of the same type (for example, 3380, 3390, and so on).

What is mainframe storage group?

The valid values for Storage Group Type are: VIO. Virtual I/O (VIO) storage groups are used to allocate data sets to VIO, which simulates the activity of a DASD volume. VIO storage groups do not contain any actual DASD volumes. You can put temporary data sets in VIO storage groups.

Is storage Group A DB2 object?

In db2, all the databases, table spaces and index spaces will be referred as DB2 Objects. There are two types of storage structures based on the type of storage. The hierarchy for the DB2 table space is, Storage Group | | \/ Database | | \/ Table space | | \/ Tables, views etc,.

What is storage Group in Vnx?

EMC VNX array use Storage Groups to control access to data. A Storage Group is one or more LUNs within the storage array that can be accessed only by the host or hosts that you associate with the array LUNs. A host cannot access or modify data in any array LUNs that are not part of its Storage Group.

How do I assign a LUN to a storage group?

To create and allocate LUNs, follow these steps:

  1. Select the VNX system using the Unisphere tool.
  2. Select Storage, then LUN.
  3. In the Create LUN dialog, under Storage Pool Properties: Select Pool. Select a RAID type for the LUN. For Pool LUNs, only RAID 6, RAID 5, and RAID 1/0 are valid. RAID 5 is the default RAID type.

Where is the storage group in mainframe?

Display the Storage Group Application Selection panel (select option 6 from the ISMF Primary Option Menu for storage administrators)….Displaying storage group status using ISMF

  1. CDS Name: ‘ACTIVE’
  2. Storage Group Name: SGNAME*
  3. Option: 1, List. This displays the Storage Group List panel.

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Use the COPY utility or COPYTOCOPY utility to create a sequential format image copy from the FlashCopy image copy. Then, use the sequential format image copy as input for UNLOAD.

What is DB2 Bufferpool?

A buffer pool is a data cache between LDAP and the physical DB2 database files for both tables and indexes. If entries and their attributes are not found in the entry cache, the server searches the DB2 buffer pools for the values.

What is a pool in storage?

In this article A storage pool is a collection of physical disks. A storage pool enables storage aggregation, elastic capacity expansion, and delegated administration. From a storage pool, you can create one or more virtual disks. These virtual disks are also referred to as storage spaces.

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