What is a Tufts fee waiver?

What is a Tufts fee waiver?

What is a Tufts fee waiver?

Approved waivers are: A written request from your college counselor or school official who can attest that the fee would represent a financial hardship, or. A College Board Request for Waiver of the Application Fee form.

Is Tufts waiving the GRE?

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) A number of our programs are currently waiving the GRE requirement. Student copies or photocopies of GRE scores are not accepted, so please remember to designate Tufts as one of your score recipients.

What time is Tufts application due?

Preparing Your Application

Application Type Application Deadline Notification Date
Early Decision I November 1 Mid-December
Early Decision II January 4 Early February
Regular Decision January 4 By April 1
Transfer Admission March 15 May through mid-June

Does Tufts require first quarter grades?

We will request first-quarter grades (or trimester if that’s the system used in your high school) but your mid-year status report is, obviously, unavailable in late November.

What is special about Tufts?

Tufts is diversity. The campus itself is a mixture between a small liberal arts college and a major research university and its students have a sense of community while maintaining a global awareness. Students also come from every state in the country and other nations in all corners of the globe.

Does Tufts vet school require the GRE?

The GRE is a general aptitude test and is required by most veterinary schools. It is administered very frequently throughout the year and you can see your results immediately. Most applicants take their GREs in the summer prior to submitting their VMCAS. The Cummings School does interview.

Is ed1 easier than Ed2?

Ed2 is actually really easy to solo in comparison to ed1 and ed3. All of the elite dungeons are easier with 2 or 3 people but the difficulty order would still be the same imo.

Do you apply to a major at Tufts?

While we do not ask you to commit to a specific area of study when you submit your Tufts application, we do ask that you indicate to which school or degree program you are applying. Your options are: BFA: Our Bachelor of Fine Arts program is offered through the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts.