What is an example of a patent troll?

What is an example of a patent troll?

What is an example of a patent troll?

American inventor George Selden is frequently cited as an early example of a patent troll. Thus, in the American system, someone who invented a product but neither patented nor manufactured it could bring a suit against a later inventor who was more successful at making and patenting the same product.

How do patent trolls get patents?

Patent trolls are parties who obtain multiple patents, through original patenting and through acquisition of patents from other parties, and generate revenue from those patents by demanding license payments from users of products that fall within the scope of the patents.

Are patent trolls beneficial to patent holders?

Stanford political scientist Stephen Haber’s research finds that much-maligned patent trolls actually offer inventors protection from potential bankruptcy and may help spur technological innovations.

Is sisvel a patent troll?

Patent licensing outfit Sisvel has acquired 450 patents from Nokia, 350 of which are essential for mobile telephony, but despite appearances this is no desperate attempt to borrow cash from the future. …

How do you fight a patent?

An ex parte reexamination can be used to challenge an issued patent during the term of a patent. If the patent has already been issued by the USPTO, then a third party can challenge the patent at the USPTO by filing a request for reexamination of the patent. An ex parte reexamination can be filed by any person.

How do you avoid a patent troll?

Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself before and during the process of interacting with a patent troll.

  1. Have an IP lawyer in your corner.
  2. Follow due process in protecting your own intellectual property.
  3. Join a group or organization that specializes in protecting against patent trolls.

How do you protect against a patent troll?