What is an oblique femur fracture?

What is an oblique femur fracture?

What is an oblique femur fracture?

In this type of fracture, the break is a straight horizontal line going across the femoral shaft. Oblique fracture. This type of fracture has an angled line across the shaft.

What anatomical site is most commonly fractured in femur?

The femoral shaft is the diaphysis and is commonly fractured in trauma. The head of the femur is the proximal-most portion of the bone which directly joins to the pelvis forming the hip joint.

What are the main mechanisms of fractures of the femoral diaphysis?

Trauma is the most common mechanism of femoral shaft fractures, typically involving a direct hit to the thigh or an indirect force transmitted through the knee. Younger individuals generally are engaged in high energy mechanisms such as automobile accidents, frequently resulting in other associated injuries.

Which nerve is damaged in femur fracture?

The sciatic nerve escapes injury in most fractures of the femoral shaft.

Can you walk on a fractured femur?

Full recovery from a femur fracture can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 12 months. But you are not alone. Most people experiencing a femur fracture can begin walking with the help of a physical therapist in the first day or two after injury and/or surgery.

Can you fully recover from a fractured femur?

Most femoral fractures take about 4 to 6 months to heal completely, but you should be able to resume many activities before this time.

What are the best exercises for a broken femur?

Lift the bad leg up high on the wall. Use the good leg underneath the bad leg to control how far down the wall the leg will slide. Best Hamstring stretches: Sitting up on a smooth, flat surface extend your leg . You may have difficulty lowering the knee all the way down.

What happens if you break your femur?

When you break your femur, the pain will be sharp, pulsating and excruciating. When the femur is broken, the pain receptors send pain signals to the brain and pain is perceived. This is not the type of pain you might not notice, it is extreme and intense.

What is the healing time for a broken femur?

For stress fractures of the femur, bone healing usually takes up to six weeks before the patient is allowed to resume activities. A serious injury causing fracture of the femur bone would take a longer period to heal, roughly three to six months.

What is the recovery time for a femur?

Recovery most often takes 4 to 6 months. The length of your recovery will depend on how severe your fracture is, whether you have skin wounds, and how severe they are. Recovery also depends on whether your nerves and blood vessels were injured, and what treatment you had.