What is Asmlib and its usage?

What is Asmlib and its usage?

What is Asmlib and its usage?

ASMLib is an optional support library for the Automatic Storage Management feature of the Oracle Database. It eliminates the need for the DBA to directly manage potentially thousands of Oracle database files, requiring only the management of groups of disks allocated to the Oracle Database.

What is the use of Oracleasm?

In Linux, ASMLib provides the wrapper for managing the ASM disks. To identify the underlying physical device that the ASM disk point to, you can use the oracleasm querydisk command. The querydisk option will list the major and minor numbers that can be used to match the physical device….

What is ASM configuration?

Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant (ASMCA) supports installing and configuring Oracle ASM instances, disk groups, volumes, and Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS). In addition, you can use the ASMCA command-line interface as a non-GUI utility.

How do I get Asmcmd?

To run ASMCMD in interactive mode:

  1. Enter the following at the OS command prompt: $ asmcmd.
  2. Enter an ASMCMD command and press Enter. The command runs and displays its output, and then ASMCMD prompts for the next command.
  3. Continue entering ASMCMD commands. Enter the command exit to exit ASMCMD.

How do I check ASM disks?

select group_number, name, state, type from v$asm_diskgroup;

  1. To check the asm instance is connected and running:
  2. To check the asm disks and their status:
  3. MISSING – Automatic Storage Management metadata indicates that the disk is known to be part of the Automatic Storage Management disk group, but no disk in the storage.

How do I view ASM disks?

To see all disks, use V$ASM_DISKGROUP instead. Contains one row for every Oracle ASM file in every disk group mounted by the Oracle ASM instance. In an Oracle ASM instance, contains one row for every active Oracle ASM long running operation executing in the Oracle ASM instance.

Where is Oracleasm located?

The Oracle ASMLib configuration file is located at /etc/sysconfig/oracleasm . It is a link to file /etc/sysconfig/oracleasm-_dev_oracleasm and tools actually read the later file. It contains all the startup configuration that the system administrator specified via the /etc/init.

How do I add a disk to ASM?

1. Create ASM disk. Get the Lun name from storage team….Follow the below steps to add a disk to ASM diskgroup in Oracle 19c.

  1. Create ASM disk.
  2. Check the ASM disks.
  3. Add disk to ASM diskgroup.
  4. Check the rebalance status.
  5. Check the newly added disk in ASM Diskgroup.

Why is ASM needed?

ASM eliminates the need for you to directly manage potentially thousands of Oracle database files. ASM groups the disks in your storage system into one or more disk groups. You manage a small set of disk groups and ASM automates the placement of the database files within those disk groups.