What is Custody flow meter?

What is Custody flow meter?

What is Custody flow meter?

Differential pressure (DP) flow meters are used for the custody transfer of natural gas to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and steam. The primary element places a constriction in a flow stream, while the DP transmitter measures the difference in pressure upstream and downstream of the constriction.

What is custody transfer point?

Custody Transfer Point means the physical point where control or ownership of oil, gas, water, products or other substances transfers from one person to another; Sample 1.

What is allocation metering?

Allocation meter means a meter used by the producer to determine the volume from an individual well before it is commingled with production from one or more other wells prior to the custody transfer point.

What is fiscal measurement?

Fiscal Measurement must not be confused with Custody Transfer; in fact, fiscal measurement is a more general term meaning “measurement for money” that includes both allocation and custody transfer flow measurement. Allocation is the numerical distribution of products between parties according to their equity share.

What is custody transfer oil and gas?

In the oil and gas industry, tracking the movement of the physical substances between customer and supplier and the pipeline provider is known as custody transfer. Ownership changes hands at each transfer point along the line – from wellsite to pipeline, pipeline to plant, pipeline to storage facility, etc.

What is API MPMS?

API currently maintains a comprehensive Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS). This manual is an ongoing project, as new chapters and revisions of old chapters will be released periodically.

What is well allocation?

Well allocation is a term used in the case where the contribution sources are production petroleum wells, or any type of injection well.

What is an allocation factor?

Allocation factor means the proportionate part of a taxpayer’s net worth or entire net income used to determine a measure of its tax under this act.

What is a fiscal electricity meter?

Fiscal metering: a definition Fiscal metering is a metering system used commercially, that’s similar in principle to the gas meter in your home. They vary in size and in some cases, they’re so large, you can walk through them.

What is Fiscalization of crude oil?

This involves the fiscalization and de-fiscalization of bulk crude/petroleum products in storage tanks be it land tanks or ship tanks. The importance of ship board measurements, taken immediately after loading or before discharge of crude oil or petroleum product cannot be over emphasized.