What is Hoffe?

What is Hoffe?

What is Hoffe?

hoffen Verb (hoffe; hoffst; hofft; hoffte; hofftet; gehofft; ) hoffen, (erhoffenwünschen) hope, to Verb (hopes; hoped; hoping)

What is a German Richt?

treacherous, treasonable, traitorous, telltale, telling.

What is bremsstrahlung German for?

The word “Bremsstrahlung” is a German word meaning “braking radiation,” which refers to the way in which electrons are “braked” when they hit a metal target. If the energy of the incident electrons is high enough, they emit X-rays after they have been braked.

What does Horst in German mean?

Etymology/meaning The name is of Old High German origin, meaning “man from the forest”, “bosk” or “brushwood”. In modern German, “Horst” is also the equivalent of English aerie, the nest of an eagle.

Is bremsstrahlung radiation ionizing?

Thermal bremsstrahlung is the emission given off by an ionized gas of plasma in thermal equilibrium at a particular temperature, where the distribution of electron velocities follows the well-known Maxwellian distribution.

What is the difference between bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation?

Synchrotron is similar for a relativistic charge with relativistic beaming and characteristic frequency approximately γ2 times the cyclotron frequency. Bremsstrahlung is the radiation emitted when a charge is accelerated as it approaches a different charged object, often a nucleus.

What is the meaning of a Scharnhorst?

North German: habitational name from any of various places, for example near Dortmund and near Celle, apparently so named from the Germanic elements skarn ‘damp’, ‘dirty’ + horst ‘wooded hill’.

How horst and grabens are formed?

Horst and Graben (valley and range) refers to a type of topography created when the earth’s crust is pulled apart. As the crust is strained in this way, normal faults develop and blocks of the crust drop down to form grabens, or valleys. The end result of this is a vast landscape of alternating valleys and ridges.