What is LEGO Technic Power Functions?

What is LEGO Technic Power Functions?

What is LEGO Technic Power Functions?

Motorize Your LEGO Technic Creations with the Power Functions Motor Set! LEGO Technic fans can expand their playing options with the Power Functions Motor Set. This supplementary power set comes with a medium motor, battery box, switch, and a light cable with two bright LEDs to power up any LEGO Technic creation.

How many volts is a LEGO battery pack?

Lego Power Function motors come with an attached cable which connects to the batteā€¦ Q: What is the voltage? This is a battery back with two sliding sides, voltage is 12 Volts… 8 AA batteries.

What does Lego L Motor do?

Bring your creations to life by powering them with the large L-Motor. Spin wheels, turn gears and get your models moving! Designed to fit-and-lock onto LEGO Technic pin and axles. Add movement to your models!

How do you slow down a LEGO motor with gears?

If you flip the switch underneath the right dial, then when you turn the right dial clockwise, it will slow down, and when you turn the right dial counterclockwise, it will speed up.), and two stop buttons, one for each dial (i.e. Imagine you have that Lego car again and it’s going too fast.

What voltage is a Lego motor?

The original 4.5V system worked with 3 x 1.5V C cells. It was produced between 1966 an 1986 and was used to power motors and lights in a wide variety of trains, technic, basic and even DUPLO sets. Coexisting with this system, a 12V standard for LEGO Trains was introduced in 1969 and produced until 1993.

How do you connect Lego Power Functions?

Syncing and connecting Power Functions remote and receiver

  1. When checking the connection of your remote and receiver, make sure that the receiver is connected to the battery box and the box is turned on.
  2. Put your remote and receiver on the same channel using the orange switch.
  3. Point the remote straight at the receiver.

Does the LEGO train need batteries?

You’ll need an impressive amount of 10 AAA batteries to run the train, this is 1 more than the previous Power Functions trains. 4 batteries needed for the remote and 6 for the hub.

What batteries does the LEGO passenger train need?

To power both the remote and the train, you’ll need a total of 10 AAA batteries that provide 1.5V each. Best wishes, Keith, LEGO Service.

Why is LEGO retiring power?

LEGO has decided to discontinue PF system to make a way for newer one called Powered UP. Sadly, at this point of time new system doesn’t have have a similar supplemental set to motorise sets. This means required parts need to be sourced individually.

How fast is a LEGO motor?


47154 Torque Rotation speed
4.5 V 2.25 N.cm 90 rpm
7 V 2.25 N.cm 210 rpm