What is Load Range C trailer?

What is Load Range C trailer?

What is Load Range C trailer?

For example, a C Load Range specifies that a tire is equivalent to a 6-ply construction tire. This tire is not actually built of 6 plies, but rather one or two plies of equivalent strength. Check the tire sidewall to find the letter that indicates the Load Range.

Is Load Range C better than B?

A load range C tire will have a higher capacity than a load range B tire of the same size. The Kenda 4.80-12 Bias Trailer Tire with 12 Inch White Wheel, # AM30660, that you have referenced has a capacity of 990 pounds at 90 psi and it is a load range C.

Is Load Range C or D better?

Expert Reply: The difference between an load range C and load range D tire in the same size is the capacity and psi rating. The D rated tire has a higher capacity. For a ST175/80D13 like # AM1ST77, the capacity is 1,610 pounds at 65 psi.

What does 6pr Load Range C mean?

at 35 p.s.i. A Load Range C means a 6 ply rated tire with a maximum load of 1,760 lbs. at 50 p.s.i. On the Loadstar ST205/75D14 Bias Trailer Tire, # AM1ST84, it is a Load Range B tire. That maximum load rating is per tire, so two tires on the same axle would hold 2,860 lbs.

How much weight can a Load Range C trailer tire carry?

If boat trailer tires hold a C Load that means it can carry up to 1,820 lbs. On a single axle trailer this means that the boat trailer tires can support up to 3,640 lbs. This includes the weight of the trailer, the boat, the boat’s engine, as well as anything else on the boat.

What is the C rating on a tire?

The C still means the tire has the strength of a six ply tire and the number denoted the tire’s max pressure rating. A C1 tire can support the same weight as a C2 tire where the C1’s max pressure rating is 50 PSI and the C2’s pressure is cut to 35.

Do single axle trailer tires need to be balanced?

Since the primary duty of a trailer tire is supporting a vertical load, rather than gripping an automobile through turns, trailer tires do not have to be dynamically balanced like passenger car tires do. Steering and cornering are less of a concern on a trailer tire than they are on an automotive tire.