What is Ng-switch in AngularJS?

What is Ng-switch in AngularJS?

What is Ng-switch in AngularJS?

The ng-switch Directive in AngularJS is used to specify the condition to show/hide the child elements in HTML DOM. The HTML element will be displayed only if the expression inside ng-switch directive returns true otherwise it will be hidden.

What is the function of Ng-switch in angular?

NgSwitchlink The [ngSwitch] directive on a container specifies an expression to match against. The expressions to match are provided by ngSwitchCase directives on views within the container. Every view that matches is rendered. If there are no matches, a view with the ngSwitchDefault directive is rendered.

What is switch in angular?

AngularJS ng-switch Directive The ng-switch directive lets you hide/show HTML elements depending on an expression. Child elements with the ng-switch-when directive will be displayed if it gets a match, otherwise the element, and its children will be removed.

What is NG if in AngularJS?

The ng-if Directive in AngularJS is used to remove or recreate a portion of HTML element based on an expression. The ng-if is different from ng-hide because it completely removes the element in the DOM rather than just hiding the display of the element.

Where is ngIf used?


  1. A shorthand form of the directive, *ngIf=”condition” , is generally used, provided as an attribute of the anchor element for the inserted template.
  2. The *ngIf directive is most commonly used to conditionally show an inline template, as seen in the following example.

What are the different types of switch?

Learn the Different Types of Switches

  • Pushbutton Switches. Pushbutton switches are two-position devices actuated with a button that is pressed and released.
  • Selector Switches.
  • Joystick Switches.
  • Limit Switches.
  • Proximity Switches.
  • Speed Switches.
  • Pressure Switches.
  • Temperature Switches.

Which is better Ng-if or NG-show?

ng-if can only render data whenever the condition is true. It doesn’t have any rendered data until the condition is true. ng-show can show and hide the rendered data, that is, it always kept the rendered data and show or hide on the basis of that directives.

What is NG-if in HTML?

Definition and Usage. The ng-if directive removes the HTML element if the expression evaluates to false. If the if statement evaluates to true, a copy of the Element is added in the DOM.

Why do we use NG-content?

The ng-content tag is used for content projection. It is basically a placeholder to hold the dynamic content until it is parsed. Once the template is parsed, Angular replaces the tag with content.