What is non-real time financial promotion?

What is non-real time financial promotion?

What is non-real time financial promotion?

Article 7(1) defines a real time financial promotion as a financial promotion made in the course of a personal visit, telephone conversation or other interactive dialogue. A non-real time financial promotion is one that is not a real time financial promotion.

What is the key characteristic of a non-real time financial promotion?

A non-real time financial promotion is “a financial promotion which does not involve any simultaneous interactive dialogue.” This includes a financial promotion made by letter, e-mail, texting by multimedia messaging service (mms), contained in a newspaper, journal, magazine, other periodical publication, website.

What is a non-real time communication?

Non-real time, or NRT, is a term used to describe a process or event that does not occur immediately. For example, communication via posts in a forum can be considered non-real time as responses often do not occur immediately and can sometimes take hours or even days.

What is the financial promotion restriction?

4.5 The effect of the financial promotion restriction is that an unauthorised person must have its financial promotions approved by an authorised person before they are communicated (unless an exemption applies).

What is financial promotion?

(1) an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity or to engage in claims management activity that is communicated in the course of business;[Note: section 21 of the Act (Restrictions on financial promotion)]

Is financial promotion a regulated activity?

A communication will only be a financial promotion if it is an invitation or inducement relating to purchasing a regulated product that is made in the course of business. Unless an exemption applies, financial promotions should only be made by, or must be approved by an authorised person like an insurance company.

Is image advertising a financial promotion?

Finalised guidance For investments, image advertising is exempt from most of the detailed financial promotions rules and guidance in COBS 4, but it will still need to comply with the high-level ‘fair, clear and not misleading’ rule.

Do financial promotion rules apply to professional clients?

The fair, clear and not misleading rule The rules in COBS 4 on financial promotions technically only apply to financial promotions to retail clients. However they can be regarded as a best practice standard for all clients.

What are non real-time applications?

Examples of non-real-time systems include desktop computers, workstations, information kiosks, and accounting systems. In the last 5 years, the term firm real-time has been used to describe applications (such as these) that require deterministic performance but not hard guarantees of performance.

What are examples of real time processing?

Real time processing requires a continual input, constant processing, and steady output of data. A great example of real-time processing is data streaming, radar systems, customer service systems, and bank ATMs, where immediate processing is crucial to make the system work properly.

Who regulates financial promotions?

Regulating Financial Promotions and Adverts | FCA.

Is approving a financial promotion a regulated activity?

A financial promotion that you approve for a product provider should not suggest or imply that the product provider’s activities (eg, issuing bonds) are regulated if they are not (COBS 4.2.