What is Playground by 50 Cent about?

What is Playground by 50 Cent about?

What is Playground by 50 Cent about?

Rapper turned actor and author 50 Cent makes his YA debut with a candid tale about a middle-schooler dealing with pressures from his peers and his broken family. Overweight and nearly friendless, “Butterball” has just been suspended from school for assaulting a classmate with a sock filled with batteries.

How old is Butterball in Playground?

Thirteen-year-old Butterball takes readers on a journey through the moments that made him into the playground bully he is today. Loosely inspired by 50 Cent’s own adolescence and written with his teenage son in mind, Playground received wide critical praise–and is now poised to become a perennial classic.

What is 50 cents book called?

The 50th Law
The 50th Law is a New York Times bestselling book on strategy and fearlessness written collaboratively by rapper 50 Cent and author Robert Greene.

What genre is playground by 50 Cent?


Why did Butterball beat up Maurice?

Everything begins to change when Butterball attacks his one of his only friends, Maurice, and brutally beats him on the playground, fearing that Maurice had told people about his mother’s lesbian partner, Evelyn.

What was 50 cents first book?

From Pieces to Weight: Once upon a Time in Southside Queens is the first book written by 50 Cent and his first New York Times best seller.

Does 50 Cent own his publishing?

UPDATE: Some have suggested that 50 Cent sold his entire music catalog, this isn’t true. According to the Wall Street Journal, he did sell the rights to collect royalties from radio play of his music for $6 million, but he maintains full ownership over all his song and album royalties.

Did 50 Cent write his own book?

In the 240 page book, 50 Cent details his complicated life hustling, growing up after his mother was murdered when he was 12 years old, and his journey to entrepreneurial success. 50 Cent has written over 5 books since the release of From Pieces to Weight; and his latest book is 2020’s Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.

Why did 50 Cent write the book Playground?

Playground is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s debut young adult novel about teen bullying. He explores this topical issue by sharing some of his own experiences in this fictionalized story. He hopes to reach out to kids to show how bullies are created and that there is hope to overcome it.

Who is Butterball in the book Playground by 50 Cent?

Butterball, who’s real name is Burton, is an overweight 14 year old when he badly beats up a kid at school. He’s sent to Liz, an out of touch white psychologist, to try and figure out the root of his issues. And he has lots of issues – deadbeat dad who is a passive criminal, mother who just came “out”, moved to a new area/school, etc.

What should parents know about the book Playground?

Parents need to know that Playground , the first novel by the popular rapper 50 Cent, is loosely based on his own experience and contains many references to bullying and sexual orientation. There is quite a bit of foul language and several instances of children being insubordinate or disrespectful to parents and other adult authority figures.

Why do we read playground Common Sense Media?

It allows readers to understand the main character’s motivation, pain, anger, frustration, and insecurities while keeping them tuned into his sense of humor and desire to be a good person. We can both empathize with Butterball’s plight and be infuriated by his naivete and foolishness.