What is RRC connection reestablishment?

What is RRC connection reestablishment?

What is RRC connection reestablishment?

LTE: RRC Connection Reestablishment Request The purpose of RRC CONNECTION RE-ESTABLISHMENT procedure is to re-establish the RRC connection, which involves the resumption of SRB1 operation and the re-activation of security (without changing algorithms).

Why is RRC connection needed?

RRC CONNECTION REQUEST message is used to request the E-UTRAN for the establishment of an RRC connection. It is sent as part of the Random Access procedure. It is transferred using SRB0 on the Common Control Channel (CCCH) because neither SRB1 nor a Dedicated Control Channel (DCCH) has been setup at this point.

What is LTE RRE?

When LTE is introduced, the RRE is connected by optical cable to the BDE of the LTE base station equip- ment. Then, the W-CDMA system is connected through the BDE of the LTE system, which has a relay function for the W-CDMA CPRI signal.

How can I improve my RRC setup success rate?

T302 should be increased to limit the RRC signalling load. When a UE gets a RRC Reject from eNB, it has to wait for T302 seconds before sending another RRC Connection Request. So, increasing T302 will increase the interval between such RRC Connection Requests and therefore, reduce the signalling load on the eNB.

What is RRC connection in LTE?

The RRC protocol is the signaling exchanged between the mobile and the evolved Node Base station (eNB) over the LTE-Uu radio interface. The RRC protocol performs the following functions: Broadcast of system information related to the characteristics of the radio interface.

What is RRC reconfiguration in LTE?

RRC CONNECTION RECONFIGURATION message is the command to modify an RRC connection. The purpose of this procedure is, · To establish/modify/release Radio Bearers. · To perform Handover. · To setup/modify/release Measurements.

What is the goal of RRC?

GOAL OF RRC To make HIV/AIDS free INDIA by creating awareness about the spread and cause of HIV/AIDS among the student youth, non-student youth and public.

What is RRC message in LTE?

The Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocol is used in UMTS, LTE and 5G on the Air interface. It is a layer 3 (Network Layer) protocol used between UE and Base Station. RRC messages are transported via the PDCP-Protocol.

What is RRC setup success rate?

RRC Connection Establishment Success Rate: The Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocol connects UE/Clients (CBRS compliant LTE device such as a dongle or a phone) with LTE AP. A RRC connection is successful when an UE performs the call establishment procedure, and get resources from the LTE AP.

How to request the reestablishment of a RRC connection?

1) RRC Connection Reestablishment Request This message is used to request the reestablishment of an RRC connection. It will involve resumption of SRB1 services and re-activating the security without changing the algorithms. Signalling radio bearer: SRB0

Can a UE in RRC _ connected be activated with srb2?

A UE in RRC_CONNECTED, for which AS security has been activated with SRB2 and at least one DRB setup, may initiate the procedure in order to continue the RRC connection.

When to fallback to establish a new RRC connection?

– to fallback to establish a new RRC connection. The UE initiates the procedure when one of the following conditions is met: 1> upon detecting radio link failure of the MCG, in accordance with 5.3.10; or 1> upon re-configuration with sync failure of the MCG, in accordance with sub-clause; or

Which is the next step in RRC establishment procedure?

Once the Random access procedure is completed, the next step is to RRC connection establishment procedure. This procedure will change the state of RRC from RRC_IDLE to RC_Connected. UE must change the state from RRC Idle to RRC Connected before it can transfer any application data or signaling procedures.