What is Siargao known for?

What is Siargao known for?

What is Siargao known for?

Known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, Siargao is mainly responsible for introducing surfing to the country. Apart from surfing, Siargao is also open to other activities such as cave explorations and rock climbing.

How would you describe Siargao?

Siargao Island is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte, northeastern Mindanao. It is well known as “the surfing capital of the Philippines” with a reputation among surfers within the Philippines and the International scene.

Why Siargao is the best?

Aptly named “the capital of the Philippines”, Siargao is arguably one of the best surfing hotspots in Asia, boasting waves all year-round. Among its numerous surf breaks, Cloud 9 is the most legendary wave that attracts professional surfers from around the world.

What is beautiful about Siargao?

Siargao also has the largest mangrove forests in the Philippines. It’s also more fun in Siargao to get tanned or simply hang around the most beautiful, postcard perfect spots on the island. The views around the Naked Island, Daku Island and Gayam Island, along with so many other natural spots, are breathtaking.

Is Siargao safe?

Siargao is on the northernmost part of Mindanao – this area has always been safe, without any terrorist activities.

Why do I love Siargao?

“I love Siargao because it’s a place where you have everything you need. You can surf; there are nice spots, and [has] a really good nightlife. If you prefer to relax, you can find many untouched spots [where there’s] literally no one around, you can easily connect with nature.

Who can enter Siargao?

Siargao is open to residents and domestic tourists. Requirements include a valid ID, a confirmed booking in an accommodation duly accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) for at least 2 nights, and a negative result of RT-PCR Test or COVID-19 Saliva Test taken within 48 hours from arrival.

Is Siargao Island safe?

Siargao is part of Mindanao state, not Mindanao island. Siargao is hundreds of miles away from that – and given the island life, worlds away. It’s a true tourist paradise, and the groups that are causing issues in Mindanao have not yet gone to Siargao. Keep an eye on it, but Siargao is generally incredibly safe.

Why do tourists visit Siargao?

3. Siargao is a Home of Unspoiled White Sand Beaches. Nothing beats the beauty of white sand beaches and along the coast of General Luna, there are plenty of spots like that. Guyam Island – You will be amazed by its vegetation, rock formations and sandy beaches.

How many hours Surigao to Siargao?

The distance between Surigao and Siargao is 59.1 kilometers. Depending on the type of Surigao to Siargao ferry service you take, travel time can take 2 to 4 hours.

How safe is Siargao?

Siargao should be safe for anyone who will travel there. Its a tourist destination and thus security is not really an issue. Siargao is safe for anyone, i was there a month ago with the whole family. Its a beautiful and peaceful island.

Where is Siargao Island located?

Siargao is an island located northwest of Mindanao, and is a part of the Surigao Del Norte province of the Philippines. It used to be quite a remote island, which served mainly as a surfer’s haven, attracting mostly foreign tourists who came there for long periods of time. However,…

What to do in Siargao for non-surfers?

Siargao’s most treasured asset is its water.

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  • Where to go in Siargao, Philippines?

    One of the best things to do in Siargao is the island-hopping. The common islands to visit are the Naked Island (also Pansukian Island), Daku Island (also Dako Island) and Guyam Island.