What is Solidus eCommerce?

What is Solidus eCommerce?

What is Solidus eCommerce?

Solidus is the free, open-source eCommerce framework for digitally-native brands, fast-growing online businesses and pragmatic developers. 100% free Open-source. Solidus powers the brands defining the future of eCommerce.

What is Solidus Rails?

Solidus is a complete open source ecommerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. It is a fork of Spree. See the Solidus class documentation and the Solidus Guides for information about the functionality that Solidus provides. Solidus consists of several gems.

Is rails good for eCommerce?

Rails Is Perfect for Ecommerce As you can see, all of those reasons put Rails as a serious contender for the best framework for eCommerce development. It combines all you need from a tool to boost your development and build a stable and high-quality platform to expand your business into the digital realm.

Does Shopify use Ruby on Rails?

At Shopify, we use Ruby on Rails for most of our projects. On the other hand, there are many who have embraced Ruby on Rails and found success, even at our scale, processing millions of requests per minute (RPM). Part of Shopify’s success with Ruby on Rails is an emphasis on writing fast code.

How much is a solidus worth?

Solidus (“solid coin”): The basic unit of the Byzantine monetary system, equaling 1/72 of one Roman pound of gold.

What happens at a solidus?

The solidus is the highest temperature at which an alloy is solid – where melting begins. The liquidus is the temperature at which an alloy is completely melted. At temperatures between the solidus and liquidus the alloy is part solid, part liquid.

Does anyone use Ruby on rails anymore?

Ruby is by no means dying. Ruby on Rails future is even more optimistic – rather, it’s thriving. It’s still one of the most popular web development frameworks, and even RoR-like frameworks can’t yet catch up.

Is Shopify written in Ruby?

Ruby on Rails – The main developer of Shopify is Tobu Lutke. He used to sell snowboards online under Snowdevil brand. Therefore, he chose Ruby on Rails for developing the platform. But it is not the only programming language used.

Is Shopify still built on Ruby?

Shopify. Shopify is an inspiring example of a complex yet well-structured and user-friendly ecommerce platform made with Ruby on Rails. Shopify claims that there are currently about 820,000 sellers using the service.

What could a solidus buy?

The gold solidus was not fixed in value in terns of the copper coins. By the time of this solidus of Theodosius the value could be as much as 7,200 nummi and could buy 30-40 modii of wheat. The daily wage for a cavalryman was then 180 nummi so a solidus represented the pay for a month and a half.

How much was a loaf of bread in Rome?

More than 2,000 years before the low-carb revolution, bread was the staple of the Roman diet, and you could expect to pay 2 asses for a one-pound loaf. A half-liter of top-shelf ancient wine cost up to 30 asses, while a new tunic cost about 15 sestertii.

Why do you need solidus for your ecommerce platform?

The foundation for eCommerce disruptors. Build your store on top of a complete eCommerce suite that takes you to market in no time. Then iterate, customize and extend until perfection. When you choose Solidus, you never have to change platforms again. Our legacy is shaped by success.

How does the solidus community support the platform?

Solidus is created by a dedicated group of passionate developers, agencies and retailers that work together to move the platform forward. Our community supports Solidus with financial contributions through OpenCollective. The funds are used to improve and promote the platform. Our roadmap is defined and executed in public.

Who is the best software agency for solidus?

Super Good Software is a software development agency specializing in eCommerce, Solidus, Ruby on Rails, and React. Full-service custom digital agency focused on Solidus, eCommerce, SEO, and working with Karma in everything we do. MagmaLabs builds tailored software solutions to help companies execute their vision achieving quick turn-around.

How is a solidus partner can help you?

How a Solidus Partner can help you. Our partners can help you migrate your store to Solidus from any other platform (Spree, Shopify, Magento, etc…) and make the whole process smooth and pain-free. They’ve got you covered!