What is SSR in NAAC format?

What is SSR in NAAC format?

What is SSR in NAAC format?

The self-evaluation process and the subsequent preparation of the Self Study Report (SSR) to be submitted to NAAC involves the participation of all the stakeholders – management, faculty members, administrative staff, students, parents, employers, community and alumni.

How do I submit my SSR to NAAC?

SSR Submission:

  1. Fill the SSR (Self Study Report) Form.
  2. Pay the SSR Instalment Fee Online.
  3. Upload the data files (Min. 50% of Student data) and documents in the prescribed template format.
  4. Submit the form.
  5. The Organisation verifies the SSS (Student Satisfaction Survey) Process, DAV Process, and Inflibnet Bibliometric Data.

What are value added courses as per NAAC?

In medical line some value added courses can be like – Quality in health care, CPQIH (Certificate programme for Quality Implementation in Hospitals), Certificate course in Patient rights and Education (CPRE), Certificate course in Biomedical waste Management, Certificate course in Hospital housekeeping, Certificate …

How many criteria are there in NAAC SSR?

The accreditation relies upon the extent of compliance of the institution upon the seven criteria. The criteria wise reports and their accomplishments are important to assess the quality and continuous improvement of the institution. This brings out the seriousness and importance of the assessment criteria.

What is SSR in college?

Secondary School Report (SSR)/Counselor Letter of Recommendation. Request Packet 2016-17. Dear Senior, If you are applying to a private university or an out-of-state public university that requires a counselor. recommendation form, a secondary school report, and/or a counselor letter of recommendation, we are.

What is self study report?

Definition: The Self-Study Report is an evidential document completed by a program undergoing initial accreditation or re-accreditation. The Self-Study Report consists of an electronic Excel-based file and appendices that are sent in advance of the site visit.

What is the process of NAAC accreditation?

The NAAC views the process of assessment and accreditation as an exercise in partnership, done jointly by the NAAC and the institution being assessed. Every stage of the process is marked by transparency. In spite of this participatory approach, there may be institutions that might have grievances to be addressed.

What are the value added courses?

Introduction: Value added courses are the types of courses which help a particular individual to develop their own skills in their chosen field of the study. They are mostly independent to each type of the fields.

What are UGC courses?

UGC Approved Online Courses by Top Universities

Course Name Offered By
Certificate Programme In Peace Studies and Conflict Management IGNOU
Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science IGNOU
Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy IGNOU
Certificate in Tribal Studies IGNOU

How to submit self study report for NAAC?

SELF STUDY REPORT (SSR) FOR NAAC ACCREDITATION (1STCycle) Submitted to: National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) TRACK ID-BRC0NN23643 Submitted By: LALIT NARAYAN MISHRA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Muzaffarpur, Bihar NAAC SSR:CYCLE- 1 2L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur, Bihar Table of Contents Contents Page No.

Which is the first cycle of NAAC SSR?

NAAC SSR:CYCLE- 1 4L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur, Bihar PREFACE

Which is the Revised Manual of NAAC for autonomous colleges?

Institutional Accreditation- Revised Manual for Autonomous Colleges (Updated on 24/02/2020) Old Manual and SOP for General Institutions (University, Autonomous Colleges and Affiliated/Constituent (UG, PG)Colleges) Institutional Accreditation- Manual for Sanskrit Universities (Part A) (Updated on 13/02/2020)

What is the methodology for accreditation by NAAC?

The NAAC methodology for Assessment and Accreditation is very much similar to that followed by Quality Assurance (QA) agencies across the world and consists of self-assessment by the institution and external peer assessment by NAAC. 2 NAACfor Quality and Excellence in Higher Education