What is the age difference between Tommen and Margaery?

What is the age difference between Tommen and Margaery?

What is the age difference between Tommen and Margaery?

The sex scene in season five was a cringeworthy watch for viewers due to the age gap between Tommen and Margaery – with the young Lannister king aged around 12 or 13 while his new wife was many years older.

Did Tommen and Margaery consummate?

King Tommen Baratheon marries Margaery Tyrell in this episode — and the new couple enjoys quite an active wedding night, the aftermath of which we witness. In the books, though, Tommen is only 8. That doesn’t stop his family from marrying him off to Margaery, but there is, thankfully, no consummation.

What episode does Tommen and Margaery get married?

A Feast for Crows
In A Feast for Crows (2005) Margaery marries Joffrey’s younger brother, Tommen, and encourages him to assert himself as king.

Did Margaery Tyrell love Tommen?

It’s entirely plausible that she genuinely liked and appreciated Tommen (why not, he’s a sweet kid) but also saw him as being malleable and useful for her long term goals (both selfish and unselfish). Those are not mutually exclusive. I think she had a personal ambition to be Queen, but also did it for her family.

Did Queen Margaery really convert?

But according to set reports, in a big scene involving Dormer, Jonathan Pryce’s High Sparrow, and a massive crowd, Margaery emerges from her cell penitent and, according to some leaks, entirely broken. She is now a convert to the religion of the High Sparrow and the boy king is incapable of snapping her out of it.

Did Margaery Tyrell sleep with Tommen?

I didn’t think it would have gone down like that on screen.” Chapman was shocked just like the rest of viewers, since Tommen and Margaery don’t actually have sex in the books. But now that the two are married, Margaery is officially using sex to manipulate the young King and undermine Cersei.

Did Margaery really love Tommen?

Was Margaery really friends with Sansa?

Sansa could never fully trust Margaery because she’s ‘friends’ with Cersei. Of course, she’s not really friends with her — it’s all a lie, and doesn’t Cersei know it! But Sansa isn’t aware of this, and she wouldn’t want to confide in someone who might go back to Cersei with her secrets.