What is the age of Anant Nag?

What is the age of Anant Nag?

What is the age of Anant Nag?

73 years (September 4, 1948)
Anant Nag/Age

Which award winning book was written by Kannada actor Anant Nag in memory of his brother?

He acted in Malgudi Days, a Doordarshan aired television series based on the stories of R. K. Narayan. He is a recipient of six Filmfare Awards South and five Karnataka State Film Awards. He is the elder brother of acclaimed director and actor Shankar Nag….Awards.

Year 1990
Award type Best Actor
Film Udbhava
Result Won

How did Kannada actor Shankar Nag died?

Death. Nag died in a car crash at Anagodu village on the outskirts of Davanagere town on 30 September 1990 during the pre-production work for his film Jokumaraswamy. His last film as an actor, Sundarakanda, was released a few days after his death. For Sundarakanda, Nag’s voice was dubbed by Murali.

Who is Anant Nag and what is his career?

Anant Nag is an actor and politician from Karnataka, India. He is considered to be one of the all-time greatest actors in the Kannada film industry with a vast number of commercially successful movies. As a result, he is popularly known as an actor with no-failures by the critics.

Which is the first Kannada movie of Anant Nag?

Being introduced to director Shyam Benegal by theatre director Satyadev Dubey, he starred in six of Benegal’s films: Ankur (1974), Nishant (1975), Manthan (1976), Bhumika (1978), Kondura (1978) and Kalyug (1981). His arrival into Kannada movies was through G. V. Iyer ‘s Hamsageethe (1975).

How many movies has Anant Nagarkatte acted in?

Anant Nagarkatte (born 4 September 1948) is an Indian actor whose predominant contribution has been in Kannada cinema. He has acted in over 300 titles which includes over 200 Kannada films and Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi films. He has featured in theatre plays, parallel cinema and television shows.

Who is Anant Nag’s younger brother Shankar Nag?

Anant Nag’s father name is Sadanand Nagarkatte and mother name is Anandi. Anant Nag has a younger brother, Shankar Nag who is an actor and director in the Kannada film industry. Anant Nag’s debut Kannada film was ‘Sankalpa’ in 1973, he also acted in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Konkani, Dakhani and Tulu language movies.