What is the best anti tank weapon in Battlefield 4?

What is the best anti tank weapon in Battlefield 4?

What is the best anti tank weapon in Battlefield 4?

The Javelin and the SRAW are both made for defense, with the Javelin hitting a consistent 25 damage every time it hits. However, the SRAW affords more usability, and is simply more fun. The SRAW’s only problem is its slow velocity projectile. Lastly, the Mark 153 SRAW is the best antitank missile of choice.

How do you destroy the tank in Battlefield 4 Campaign?

In the case of the C4, you simply need to run up to the tank from behind, throw 3 packs of C4, get away into safety and detonate them.

Do you unlock guns in bf4 campaign?

Mission assignments are completed by obtaining enough points in campaign missions. Upon completion, they unlock weapons for use in the campaign.

How do you destroy the tank in Battlefield 4 Singapore?

Move around the side facing the water to obtain the Horizontal Rain Dog Tag. Follow the tanks through the streets. As enemy soldiers and vehicles appear, make use of the engage option as the tank you’re following will attack and destroy.

Can C4 destroy a tank?

C4 is a great anti-tank weapon if a LAW is not available. If the C4 is attached to the tank when it detonates, it will immediately destroy the tank. Speed mode can also be used to quickly approach the tank, although this compromises the player’s armor.

Which is the best anti tank launcher in Battlefield 4?

Not only is it useful at both long range and short range, you can use it from a mobile station, such as a helicopter, slanted at an angle. Overall, the Mark 153 SRAW is more reliable than the common RPG. On the side, it seems you can now damage a tank more coming from a 90 degree angle than a 10 degree angle.

What’s the best way to kill a tank in Battlefield 4?

Overall, killing a tank alone is easier with C4 since a good tank driver will rarely get killed by one engineer. However, to maximise your rockets potential, doing a 90 degree hit on the rear of the tank is the most effective way to kill it and the RPG is the one doing the most damage according to what I read.

Who is the first anti tank in battlefield?

The AT4 is the first anti-tank weapon wielded and is also carried by Christian Matkovic throughout the Singleplayer campaign. Henry Blackburn uses it during the mission Operation Swordbreaker to kill a dug in enemy sniper in a hotel.

Which is the best anti tank weapon for support?

AT Grenade Pistol Unlocked after reaching Support Rank 6, the AT Grenade Pistol is a close-range, low-damage option – one of the only two available for the Support Class. While nothing to prolific, it does give Support players at least some defense against light-to-medium armor – their only other competitive option being the Anti-Tank Mine.