What is the best troops for th6?

What is the best troops for th6?

What is the best troops for th6?


Troop and Spell Type Quantity Min Lvl
Archers 17 3
Giants 13 3
Wall Breakers 8 3
Wizards 13 3

How do you upgrade spells in clash of clans?

Upgrade your Spell Factory to get more spells and to be able to hold more spells. You can also research spells in the Laboratory to make them more powerful.

What should I upgrade first th6?

Focus on Air Defenses and Wizard Towers first and then on Mortars and Archer Towers. The Cannons and the Air Sweeper are the last in the priority of defense upgrades you should do.

Can a TH6 war base stop a TH7 attack?

War Base: Here we have a TH6 war base that did perform quite well for the last wars tested and you will also give any TH6 attacker a hard time – of course, if there’s a TH7 or higher hitting your base with mass Dragons and crazy Clan Castle troops you can’t prevent the 3-Star but that’s not your job.

What are the best troops for war cc TH10?

Electro Dragons are a great defending troop, as it can charge its strong lightning attack until attacking troops will target it – and the damage can take away a lot of hitpoints, even from a maxed Hero! Even after dying, the death lightning will deal great damage to the attacking troops

Which is the best trophy base for Town Hall 6?

Trophy Base: Here’s a nice hybrid base for Town Hall 6 that allows you to keep your resources protected at some degree as well as your trophies. You could use it for Clan War but I rather recommend using one of the war bases there instead to really protect without minding your storages (Clan War will not let you lose any loot).

Which is the best TH6 base for farming?

Hybrid Base: This TH6 base here makes troop walk around the base a lot and there are so many attackers out there that simply can’t execute their attack in a way to actually break into the base to make it worth using because every defense you have where you won’t lose your resources will give you a cheap shield and let you attack a couple of times.