What is the current price of red diesel per Litre?

What is the current price of red diesel per Litre?

What is the current price of red diesel per Litre?

Fuel prices

_ Name This week
Red diesel p/litre 57.1 57.4

What’s the price of diesel in Scotland?

In June 2021, the average diesel price stood at 132.9 pence per liter. During this period, Scottish drivers generally paid more than the UK average for diesel fuel….Average price of diesel fuel in Scotland between June 2016 and June 2021 (in pence per liter)

Characteristic Price per liter in pence

What is the current diesel price?

Trend of Diesel Price in Uttar Pradesh for April 2020 (rates per litre):

Parameters Rates/litre
1st April Rs.62.86
30th April Rs.62.83
Highest Rate in April Rs.62.97
Lowest Rate in April Rs.62.80

How much is diesel in UK today?

UK Fuel Prices Near Me

today’s average fuel prices
Petrol 135.3 p
Diesel 137.3 p

Can I buy red diesel?

Because red diesel is not for general sale and not for use on public roads in the majority of cases. You will need to go to a specialist fuel supplier in order to purchase red diesel legally. We can deliver red diesel in fuel tankers, in any quantity from 500 litres right up to 36,000 litres or more if you need it!

Why is red diesel cheaper?

Red diesel is significantly cheaper due to the reduced fuel duty rate. Many red diesel users work in the construction or agricultural industry and use red diesel to power their vehicles or machinery. The reduced cost allows businesses to avoid expensive fuel bills and increase profitability.

How much is diesel at Asda?

August 2021 Average Fuel Prices

Outlet Diesel Unleaded
ASDA 131.33 130.2
BP 140.78 137.55
CO-OPERATIVE 138.75 135.95
ESSO 139.49 136.79