What is the engine of Hyundai Starex?

What is the engine of Hyundai Starex?

What is the engine of Hyundai Starex?

2.5-liter CRDi diesel engine
The Grand Starex is powered by a 2.5-liter CRDi diesel engine equipped with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that helps enhance air intake, which complements the CRDi’s engine operation and results in optimal combustion for higher power and torque output, and better fuel efficiency.

What engine does the Hyundai h1 have?

2.5 Litre VGTi Diesel Engine
The H-1 uses a powerful 2.5 Litre VGTi Diesel Engine which puts out 125kW of power at 3 600rpm. This engines maximum torque is a very respectable 441Nm at 2 000rpm – 2 250rpm.

Is Hyundai Starex a good car?

The Hyundai Grand Starex is a very spacious family car. The Grand Starex still has enough space. The game is very comfortable, you don’t have to bend over to stretch your body during a long journey. The 2.5-liter diesel is powerful.

Is Starex an SUV?

Hyundai Starex SUV / Crossover for sale.

What is CRDi in Hyundai?

A CRDI abbreviation stands for Common Rail Direct Injection and is used by Hyundai Motor Group for their proprietary diesel engines with Common Rail direct fuel injection. CRDI engines are turbocharged power units installed on Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

Is a Hyundai H1 reliable?

Is the Hyundai H1 Wagon reliable? Hyundai as a brand is renowned for its reliability, and the H1 Wagon is no exception. From its reliable engine options to its robust design, the H1 range of vehicles is built to last.

How many seater is a H1?

12 Seats
2019 Hyundai H1: Now with 12 Seats.

How many Litres of oil does a Grand Starex take?

This set is for HYUNDAI STAREX year model 1997-2018 for CRDI and TCI engine. this includes oil filter replacements, and 7 liters engine oil, contain 1 galoon and 1 liter.

How many seater is Hyundai Grand Starex?

15 seats
Grand Starex (2014-2018) 2.5 GL 5MT (15 Seater) Technical Specifications

Cargo Volume 842 L
Seating Capacity 15 seats
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 75 L
Wheel Base 3200 mm
No Of Doors 5

How much is h1 Hyundai?

The average price of the Hyundai H1 is set at R 549,274 for the 2019….Average Price by Year for Hyundai H1.

Hyundai2019 R 549,274
2017 R 388,914
2016 R 386,299
2015 R 321,105

How many seater is a Starex?


Length 5,125 mm
Trunk Capacity n/a
Max Cargo 842 L
Number of Doors 5
Number of Seats 18