What is the fastest-growing shrub for privacy?

What is the fastest-growing shrub for privacy?

What is the fastest-growing shrub for privacy?

Arborvitae (Thuja) A good choice for large privacy hedges is the fast grower ‘Green Giant’, which can reach 50 to 60 feet tall (with a spread of 12 to 20 feet). If you want a bush that is more compact and do not mind waiting a bit longer, ‘Emerald Green’ arborvitae is a better option.

What is the best shrub for privacy?

20 Fast-Growing Shrubs and Bushes for Privacy in Your Backyard

  • Arborvitae. DEA/RANDOMGetty Images.
  • Butterfly Bush. Neil HolmesGetty Images.
  • Hydrangea. Benjamin Hietzig / STOCK4BGetty Images.
  • Elderberry. Klaus HonalGetty Images.
  • Pyracantha. Christian HutterGetty Images.
  • Lilac.
  • Forsythia.
  • Beautyberry.

What is the quickest growing evergreen shrub?

Fast Growing Evergreen Shrubs

  • Photinia is fast growing and a popular variety is P.
  • Pyracantha this is ‘ Orange Glow’ which has orange berries and there are also varieties with bright red berries.
  • Prunus lusitanica, the Portuguese laurel has attractive leaves, dark green with small white flowers in the spring.

What can I plant for instant privacy?

Plants for Privacy

  • Clematis. Vines make great screens.
  • Climbing Roses. Train climbing roses over fences, walls, pergolas and gazebos.
  • Cherry Laurel. Cherry laurel is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to the southeastern United States.
  • Ivy.
  • Boxwood.
  • Privet.
  • Japanese Holly.
  • Buckthorn.

What is the quickest growing shrub?

Forsythia The forsythia is a fast-growing, hardy shrub that blooms early—providing a sunny sight before the rest of the landscape greens up. Forsythias make an excellent choice for those wanting a fast-growing flowering hedge. For best results, plant forsythia 4-6 feet apart when creating your hedge.

What can I put on top of my fence for more privacy?

One of the most popular ways to add height to a fence is to add trellis. A fence topper is an easy choice as it is specifically designed to sit atop your current fence. Most fence toppers are 1ft or 2ft pieces of trellis measuring 6ft in length to fit the whole width of the fence.