What is the first form in Wing Chun?

What is the first form in Wing Chun?

What is the first form in Wing Chun?

Siu Nim Tao
Siu Nim Tao is the first open-hand form, or taolu, of Wing Chun kung fu.

What are the 3 forms of Wing Chun?

The Forms

  • Siu Nim Tau.
  • Chum Kiu.
  • Biu Jee.

How many forms of Wing Chun are there?

If you’re studying Wing Chun (and if you’re reading this blog then it’s probably fair to say you are) then we all know that traditionally Wing Chun has six forms, three hand forms and three not hand forms.

What are the six forms of Wing Chun?

Sub categories for The Wing Chun Forms

  • Sil Lim Tao. Sil Lim Tau, sometimes referred to as Siu Nim Tao, is the first of the hand forms of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
  • Chum Kiu.
  • Biu Gee.
  • Dummy Form.
  • Pole Form.
  • Knife Form.

What is Chi Sau?

Chi Sau, or ‘Sticking Hands’, is a Wing Chun training exercise designed to develop close range combat skills. In close range combat, your ability to see an incoming strike a punch and react by reflex is greatly diminished, which is where the skills developed through Chi Sau apply.

Does Wing Chun have belts?

Although Wing Chun does not have belts, there are several Wing Chun levels. Unfortunately, there is no one agreed upon curriculum across different schools, lineages or sifus. The reality is that Wing Chun schools are so different in terms of a ranking system that you can’t really tell one from another.

Are there kicks in Wing Chun?

Wing Chun would not execute kicks to the head. Instead, Wing Chun makes use of hand striking to attack an opponent’s upper body, while legs are used to attack an opponent’s lower body. Low kicks executed to the attackers waist and below are harder to intercept and more powerful.

Is there Kata in kung fu?

Most kung fu forms are also usually more complex and longer in duration than most karate forms. Much like the empty hand forms, the kata with karate weapons are also more linear compared to those with kung fu weapons which have more circular movements.