What is the IP address of my Sky router?

What is the IP address of my Sky router?

What is the IP address of my Sky router?

Open your browser and type 192.168. 0.1 into your address bar. When prompted enter the username: admin and password: sky OR, your WIFI password.

What is Mer option 61?

Sky use a VDSL connection type known as “DHCP Option 61” / “MER”. This requires you to provide a username and password in order to connect to the internet (not your WiFi password). You’ll also need to keep your Sky router online – and connect your computer / laptop to it via Ethernet, not by WiFi.

How do I access my Sky Fiber router?

Check you’re connected to your Sky Broadband, then:

  1. In a browser address bar, go to
  2. Select Wireless or WiFi.
  3. Enter the default username admin.
  4. And depending on which hub you have, the password sky or the WiFi password on the back of your hub.
  5. Enter a new Network Key – that’s the WiFi password you want to use.

What router does Sky Fibre use?

Like on Sky’s other home broadband plans, you’ll receive the Sky Hub 4 router (SR203) on Superfast Broadband.

How do I use a TP Link router with Sky Fibre optic?

How to connect TP-link router to Sky broadband

  1. To connect TP-link to Sky broadband you have to first enter your time zone and location,
  2. Then click “next”,
  3. On the ISP list select “Sky (MER)_VDSL (for Sky Fibre)
  4. Enter the Username and password.
  5. Then click “Next” and now you can set up your wireless network.

Is Sky Broadband 2.4 Ghz or 5ghz?

Usually by default the Sky boxes will connect via the 2.4ghz connection as this is what they use when connected to other broadband providers. If you go through the network settings it should provide a list of networks you can tell it to connect too, you should then be able to manually choose the 5ghz network.

Which Sky router is best?

But if you’re struggling with Wifi signal and speeds, we’d recommend the newer Sky Hub, which provides a stronger, wider ranging signal. The latter is also better equipped to handle lots of devices. And gives you the option to sign up for the Sky Broadband Buddy app and Sky’s WiFi Guarantee.