What is the main religion in Islamabad?

What is the main religion in Islamabad?

What is the main religion in Islamabad?

Islam is the largest religion in the city, with 95.53% of the population Muslim. Per 1998 census in rural areas this percentage is 98.80%, while in urban areas the percentage of Muslims is 93.83%. The second largest religion is Christianity, with 4.07% of the population, 0.94% in rural areas and 5.70% in the city.

What is the famous thing of Islamabad?

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is home to numerous tourist attractions. Daman-i-Koh, Margalla Zoo, Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, Shakarparian, Lok Virsa Museum and Rawal lake view point are among the top tourist attractions in Islamabad.

How can I have fun in Islamabad?

If you are wondering what to do in Islamabad, consider visiting the following places.

  1. Megazone.
  2. Round2.
  3. JFC bowling alley.
  4. Leisure Arena.
  5. Swimming Pools.
  6. Hiking at Margalla Trail 3.
  7. Rose and Jasmine Garden.
  8. Lake View Park.

Why is Islamabad beautiful?

But what makes Islamabad so different, stunning and unique is that the capital city is blessed with breathtaking natural wonders alongside great infrastructure which is an added attraction for the foreigners and tourists. This is what makes an incredibly attractive and exciting place to visit.

Why Anantnag is called Anantnag?

The name Anantnag is thought to originate from the Sanskrit term ananta, meaning “infinite”, and Kashmiri word nāga, “water spring”; Anant-nāg would thus mean “numerous springs”, as there are indeed many springs in the town.

Where does the name Islamabad Islamabad come from?

It is derived from two words: Islam and abad. Islam refers to the religion of Islam, Pakistan’s state religion, and -abad is a Persian suffix meaning “cultivated place”, indicating an inhabited place or city.

What are some interesting facts about Islamabad Pakistan?

There are many interesting buildings in the Islamabad, such as the home of the president, Pakistan House, the Grand National Mosque, the national assembly building, the botanical gardens, and the National Univ. Facts about Islamabad 3: Climate. A humid subtropical climate is the climate of Islamabad.

What is the population density of Islamabad Pakistan?

Population density is higher within Pakistan’s capital city limits with an average 5,200 Islamabadis per square mile (2,000 per square kilometer). Over its extended urbanized geography known as Islamabad’s Specified Area, density declines to 3,400 people per square mile…

Which is the largest religious group in Pakistan?

Pakistan Religious diversity as per (2017 census) Religion Population % Muslims ( ) 200,352,754 96.47% Hindus ( ) 4,444,437 2.14% Christians ( ) 2,637,586 1.27% Ahmadiyyas 207,688 0.09%