What is the meaning of the song Sober by tool?

What is the meaning of the song Sober by tool?

What is the meaning of the song Sober by tool?

Anyone else see the relation to the poem A Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe and this song just curious… didn’t know if anyone had the scoop on it? Seems like many people think they know what the song, Sober, means to Tool itself, because well, in truth that is the closest to the absolute meaning behind the lyrics.

What does addiction stand for in the song tool?

Just before the son has come.” Addiction stands like a butler that follows you and like a butler it promises to help you through your day and the analogy of the butler on the finger as a way to use. Alot of drugs will lay on your finger especially if your snorting.

What does the song No one is wrong mean by tool?

Every member of the band has stated that every song they write is open for interpretation and that no one is wrong because Tool is about showing people how to think for themselves. Adam Jones said in a Guitar World interview upon 10000 Days release that they tell fans their views are right, simply because no one’s opinion is wrong.

What does the Bible say about being sober?

The Bible instructs us to be sober, in all ways, not emphasizing on chemical, but awareness. So to not want to believe in God equates to not wanting to be sober. Many non believers know better in their heart of hearts and resist the Gospel unto death, never to receive Salvation.

When did tool play sober by Metallica?

On August 18, 2006, Kirk Hammett from Metallica played this with Tool at a show in Hawaii. Hammett said it was “One of the most profound jamming experiences I have ever encountered.”

Why do people break their promises while sober?

Promises have been broken when made while sober, because relapse feels inevitable, and in turn the betrayal of every promise to anyone. The feeling of guilt for every betrayal is a finger pointing at me and haunting any notion of using again.