What is the name for a prickly plant?

What is the name for a prickly plant?

What is the name for a prickly plant?

prickly plant
Prickly plant
Prickly plant

What is a prickly flower?

Prickly Plants. Flowers On Plants With Prickles. There are several families whose members contain plant parts that are prickly. Asteraceae (the sunflower family) has the thistles, Papaveraceae (the poppy family) has the Prickly Poppy, and of course, Cactaceae (cactus family) is known for its spines.

What is a prickly plant with purple flowers?

prickly plant with purple flowers
Prickly plant with purple flowers
Prickly plants with purple flower heads

What is a 9 letter word for a herb?

Herbs and Spices – 9 letters

Results Instant Lookup
Coriander W O D
Fenugreek W O D
Lemon Balm W O D
Spearmint W O D

What is another word for Savoury jelly?

All Crossword-Answers for: savoury jelly

Clue Answer Letters
savoury jelly with 5 Letters
savoury jelly ASPIC 5

What is a cactus flower called?

Saguaro blossoms image by DBrashier from Fotolia.com. Members of the cactus family (Cactaceae) bear flowers that are noted for the many stamens in their centers. While the spiny, thorn-protected plants may look stark and uninviting most of the year, rainfall, heat or day-length can trigger the production of flowers.

Are roses the only flowers with thorns?

Not all roses have thorns, though. Most do, but there are a very few varieties of completely thornless roses. There are also several varieties of “nearly thornless” roses, which just have fewer thorns spaced farther apart than typical roses.

What is another word for herb?

What is another word for herbs?

herbage grass
herb vegetable
flora flower
creeper seedling
shoot sprout

What is the name for a group of nine?

A group of nine of anything is called an ennead.

What do you call a stiff clerical cap?

Definition of biretta a stiff cap with ridges across the crown; worn by Roman Catholic clergy.