What is the NC Forestry Program?

What is the NC Forestry Program?

What is the NC Forestry Program?

The North Carolina Forest Stewardship Program is a cooperative effort to help owners realize the objective of managing their forests for the benefits they desire. The program is voluntary, and participants receive recognition for achievements in promoting total forest resource management.

Why are pine trees important to NC?

Pine trees have for centuries supplied many important wood products; from the early colonial years until well into the eighteenth century, the longleaf pine was a primary source of naval stores-tar, pitch, and turpentine-which were essential in the construction and maintenance of sailing ships and also gave rise to the …

What is the state tree of North Carolina?

North Carolina/State tree

The pine was officially designated as the State Tree by the General Assembly of 1963. (Session Laws, 1963, c. 41). The pine is the most common of the trees found in North Carolina, as well as the most important one in the history of our State.

What is Forest Stewardship Program?

Forest Stewardship is defined as active management of forests and related resources to keep these lands in a productive and healthy condition for present and future generations, and to increase the economic, environmental and social benefits of these lands.

What is a timber tax deferment?

About Timber Yield Tax The Timber Yield Tax is a property tax paid by timber owners when they harvest trees, or timber. While the timber yield tax is a state tax deferred until the time of harvest, the taxation of timberland is still part of the local annual property tax that is administered by each county assessor.

What state has the most pine trees?

Its nickname is the Pine Tree State, after all, and its forest cover may relate to the fact that it’s the least densely populated state on the East Coast. While Maine is the state with the most trees, many others low on the list, like California, have made forest protection a priority.

Is the pine tree native to North Carolina?

Selection as State Tree Despite popular belief, no single species of pine is designated as the official tree of North Carolina. Many people believe that the longleaf pine is the state tree; indeed, many websites still list this species as one of North Carolina’s official symbols.

Which state has most pine trees?

List by state, district, or territory

Rank State, district or territory Percent forest (2016)
1 Maine 89.46%
2 New Hampshire 84.32%
3 American Samoa 80.84%
4 Northern Mariana Islands 80.37%

Is North Carolina the Pine State?

The pine tree (no specific type) was designated as the official state tree of North Carolina in 1963. During the colonial period and early statehood, the pine tree was a vital part of the economy of North Carolina.