What is the official flag of Scotland?

What is the official flag of Scotland?

What is the official flag of Scotland?

The St Andrew’s Cross or Saltire is Scotland’s national flag. Tradition has it that the flag, the white saltire on a blue background, the oldest flag in Europe and the Commonwealth, originated in a battle fought in East Lothian in the Dark Ages. It is believed that the battle took place in the year 832AD.

What does the lion rampant flag represent?

The saltire is also used by many bodies, both private and public, as a logo. The Lion Rampant is the Royal Standard of the King or Queen of Scots and is the personal banner of the monarchs. The Lion Rampant flag depicts a lion, the king of beasts, rearing up with three of its clawed paws outstretched as if in battle.

Is the lion rampant illegal?

Considered the unofficial national flag of Scotland, The Lion Rampant historically and legally belongs to a king or queen of Scotland. According to an Act of Parliament passed in 1672, it is an offence to fly this flag, unless on a royal residence or with the permission of the monarch.

Is cannibalism illegal in Scotland?

But is eating someone’s flesh in such extreme conditions against the law? Not in the UK, according to Samantha Pegg, senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. “There is no offence of cannibalism in our jurisdiction,” Dr Pegg says. She points out that Alvarenga’s story is similar to a famous case in legal history.

Where are the flags located in South Korea?

The following are flags of the five Korean provinces located entirely north of the Military Demarcation Line as according to the South Korean government, as it formally claims to be the sole legitimate government of the entire Korean Peninsula. ^ Tertitskiy 2016, p. 276.

What does the Scottish flag look like on a tank?

For example, Safer Scotland’s emblem depicts a lighthouse shining beams in a saltire shape onto a blue sky. Other Scottish bodies, both private and public, have also used the saltire in similar ways. Challenger 1 tank of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards flying a Saltire from the whip antenna.

What does the eight mountains on the South Korean flag stand for?

The circle in the center of the emblem represents a street and the octagonal symbol stands for the eight mountains surrounding Seoul. The emblem is designed during the Japanese rule . Before upgraded to a municipality in 1989, Daejeon was a city under the South Chungcheong Province ‘s management.

What’s the name of the national flag of Scotland?

The Royal Standard of Scotland, also known as the Banner of the King of Scots or more commonly the Lion Rampant of Scotland, is the Scottish Royal Banner of Arms. Used historically by the King of Scots, the Royal Standard of Scotland differs from Scotland’s national flag, the Saltire,…