What is the order of Harold and Kumar?

What is the order of Harold and Kumar?

What is the order of Harold and Kumar?

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle2004
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay2008A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas2011
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At the end of the hysterical cult classic, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, each member of the fictional comedy pair orders a marijuana-fueled fast food feast. Each White Castle order consisted of 30 sliders, five large fries, and four large drinks (Harold opted for Cherry Coke while Kumar got Diet Coke).

What’s legal in Amsterdam Harold and Kumar?

As the newly invigorated Harold talks to Maria in the elevator, Maria advises him that she is going to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Kumar insists that they’ve got to “go to Europe and find Maria”, adding that “you do realize what’s legal in Amsterdam, don’t you?”, nicely setting up the second film!

How many Harold and Kumar movies are there?

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Where can I watch Harold and Kumar in the UK?

Watch “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

How rich is Kal Penn?

Kal Penn net worth: Kal Penn is an American actor and civil servant who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Kal Penn is best known for playing Kumar Patel in the “Harold & Kumar” series of stoner films.

Do Harold and Kumar make it to White Castle?

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, (released in the United Kingdom as Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies) is a 2004 American buddy comedy stoner film and the first installment of the Harold & Kumar series….

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Budget $9 million
Box office $23.9 million

How much did John Cho get paid for Harold and Kumar?

“I never got a big paycheck from ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle,'” says Penn, who adds that he and the film’s other lead star, John Cho, each made a gross salary of $75,000 for the movie.

Who are the producers of Harold and Kumar?

A new film entitled A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas was announced on May 7, 2009. Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg returned to write the film while Todd Strauss-Schulson directed. Greg Shapiro returned as producer with Kal Penn and John Cho reprising their title roles.

Who is the actor who plays Kumar in Harold and Kumar?

Kumar Patel is an Indian American student residing in New Jersey. His family includes his father and brother Saikat Patel. The character was created by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, and is portrayed by Kal Penn in all three films.

Who are the Jewish friends of Harold and Kumar?

Andy Rosenberg and Seth Goldstein are two Jewish friends and counterparts of Harold and Kumar portrayed by Eddie Kaye Thomas and David Krumholtz. They live in the same apartment building as Harold and Kumar.

Who is Harold in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle?

Harold Lee. The character is portrayed by John Cho in all three films. In Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold is a hard-working man from the northern part of New Jersey. His lazy best friend and roommate is Kumar Patel. At times, Harold lets go of his obligations, but only during moments of extreme coercion,…