What is the relationship between transfac and promo?

What is the relationship between transfac and promo?

What is the relationship between transfac and promo?

PROMO is a virtual laboratory for the identification of putative transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) in DNA sequences from a species or groups of species of interest. TFBS defined in the TRANSFAC database are used to construct specific binding site weight matrices for TFBS prediction.

How can a transcription factor be activated?

Enhancers act on promoters by binding activating transcription factors (TFs) and bringing them into close proximity to promoters by a phenomenon known as DNA looping. The enhancer-bound proteins result in stronger activation than would be possible with the promoter-bound proteins alone.

What are the different transcription factors?


  • General transcription factors are involved in the formation of a preinitiation complex. The most common are abbreviated as TFIIA, TFIIB, TFIID, TFIIE, TFIIF, and TFIIH.
  • Upstream transcription factors are proteins that bind somewhere upstream of the initiation site to stimulate or repress transcription.

What is TATA box in biology?

A TATA box is a DNA sequence that indicates where a genetic sequence can be read and decoded. It is a type of promoter sequence, which specifies to other molecules where transcription begins. The TATA box is able to define the direction of transcription and also indicates the DNA strand to be read.

What are the two main categories of motif discovery algorithms?

There are two principal types of motif discovery algorithms; i.e. enumeration approach and probabilistic technique.

How do promoters and enhancers differ?

An enhancer is a sequence of DNA that functions to enhance transcription. A promoter is a sequence of DNA that initiates the process of transcription. A promoter has to be close to the gene that is being transcribed while an enhancer does not need to be close to the gene of interest.

What is the transcription initiation complex?

Together, the transcription factors and RNA polymerase form a complex called the transcription initiation complex. This complex initiates transcription, and the RNA polymerase begins mRNA synthesis by matching complementary bases to the original DNA strand.