What is the role of miR-200a in colon cancer?

What is the role of miR-200a in colon cancer?

What is the role of miR-200a in colon cancer?

miR-200a/miR-141 and miR-205 might be associated with hormone receptor status in endometrial cancer and may possess prognostic impacts. Loss of miR-200a, miR-200b and miR-200c in colon cancer drives lymphendothelial invasiveness. miR-141 and miR-200a may be key miRNAs in progression of symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Which is a downstream target of mirna-200a-3p?

MiRNA-200a-3p suppresses the proliferation, migration and invasion of non-small cell lung cancer through targeting IRS2. Gli3 is a novel downstream target of miR200a with an anti fi brotic role for progression of liver fibrosis in vivo and in vitro.

How are miR-200a and Pitx2 related to dental epithelial cells?

The combination of Pitx2, a regulator of dental stem cells and miR-200a converts mesenchymal cells to a fully differentiated dental epithelial cell type. miR-200a functions as an oncogene, affecting proliferation and apoptosis by regulating the expression of the tumor suppressor PTEN at the translational level.

What is the role of mir200a in cervical squamous cell carcinoma?

TGFbeta mediated LINC00273 upregulation sponges mir200a-3p and promotes invasion and metastasis by activating ZEB1. miR-200a were significantly downregulated in cervical squamous cell carcinoma tissues compared to normal cervix tissue from healthy controls.

Where does the HSA-miR-200 family member target?

Our data reveal that hsa-miR-200 miRNA family members target the UL122 (immediate early protein 2) 3′ untranslated region, resulting in repression of this viral protein. these findings indicate that miR-200 family members require Sp1 to drive basal expression and to maintain an epithelial state.

How does microRNA 200A work in ovarian cancer?

MicroRNA-200a Inhibits Inflammation and Atherosclerotic Lesion Formation by Disrupting EZH2-Mediated Methylation of STAT3. The Cell-Free Expression of MiR200 Family Members Correlates with Estrogen Sensitivity in Human Epithelial Ovarian Cells. Characterization of miR-200 family members as blood biomarkers for human and laying hen ovarian cancer.