What is the short story cranes about?

What is the short story cranes about?

What is the short story cranes about?

The story “Cranes” is a microcosm of Korean fratricide especially during the Korean War (1950-53). In this story a man must choose between his new found loyalties to democracy and his childhood friend who in a sense represents his own past and culture.

What happens at the end of the cranes?

At the end of the story, the cranes suddenly plunge upward when they are startled by hearing the shot of the gun. The cranes are both conventional and literary, as the couple watches actual cranes in their last moments together. Literature and poetry differ because poetry tells a story with an economy of words.

What is the main conflict in cranes?

A central conflict in the short story “Cranes” by Hwang Sun-won is that between citizens and their country. The story takes place during the Cold War, when Korea has been divided into two countries (North and South Korea).

What do cranes symbolize in Korea?

In Korea, the red-crowned crane is called durumi or hak and it is considered a symbol of longevity, purity, and peace. Korean seonbis regarded the bird as an icon of their constancy.

Who is the protagonist in the short story cranes?

“Cranes” is a 1953 short story by Korean writer Hwang Sun-won. The protagonist, Tokchae, was once the vice-chairman of the Farmers’ Communist League, but now finds himself a prisoner. The story is set during the Korean Conflict.

What is the cranes by Peter Meinke?

“The Cranes” by Peter Meinke appears to be a simple love story about an old couple reminiscing about their life, but with a closer look the story reveals a darker component of love. The story follows an old couple’s stop at the Gulf to watch some birds. While they are watching the birds they spot two whooping cranes.

How is the conflict resolved in cranes?

The main conflict is solved when Songsam lets Tokchae escape.