What is the square of a binomial?

What is the square of a binomial?

What is the square of a binomial?

The square of a binomial is the sum of: the square of the first terms, twice the product of the two terms, and the square of the last term.

How do you solve a binomial?

How to Multiply Binomials Using the FOIL Method

  1. Multiply the first term of each binomial together.
  2. Multiply the outer terms together. (2x)(–1) = –2x.
  3. Multiply the inner terms together. (3)(3x) = 9x.
  4. Multiply the last term of each expression together.
  5. List the four results of FOIL in order.
  6. Combine the like terms.

Can you use foil for cube of three binomials?

The FOIL method is intended only for the product of two binomials, so doesn’t quite work for the product of three binomials. However, FOIL is just a mnemonic to help you remember something, once you understand what FOIL is reminding you of, the cube becomes just as easy!

Can you use foil for addition and subtraction?

FOIL cannot be used for binomial addition, subtraction, or division. Here is a multiplication equation with three binomials: To begin, we pair off the first two binomials: Then, multiply them using the F OI L F O I L method, and we get: Next, we combine like terms:

How is the FOIL method used in math?

FOIL Method. The FOIL Method is used to multiply binomials. F O I L is an acronym. The letters stand for First, Outside, Inside, and Last, referring to the order of multiplying terms. You multiply first terms, then outside terms, then inside terms, then last terms, and then combine like terms for your answer.

What is the cube of a binomial calculator?

Explore the cube of a binomial calculator below to learn more about the steps of cubing a binomial. Binomials are polynomials with only two terms. Identity in algebra is the mathematical equation that holds true for every value of the variable. The cube of a negative number or variable is also negative.