What is the synonym of Erode?

What is the synonym of Erode?

What is the synonym of Erode?

destroy, corrode, gnaw, consume, disintegrate, bite, crumble, scour, spoil, waste, eat, abrade, wear down.

What is the synonym of deteriorate?

decay, degrade, degenerate, break down, decompose, rot, putrefy, go bad, go off, spoil, perish. wither, atrophy, weaken, fade, break up, disintegrate, become dilapidated, crumble, fall down, collapse, fall apart, fall to pieces. archaic corrupt.

What does eroded support mean?

2. to gradually reduce the strength or importance of something, or to be gradually reduced in this way. It is feared that international institutions may erode national sovereignty. Western support for the regime was slowly eroding.

What is another term for wind erosion?

Other relevant words (noun): deflation.

What’s the opposite of Erode?

Opposite of gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed. build. construct. fix. ignore.

What is an example of erode?

To erode is defined as to gradually wear away, or to be gradually worn away. When water continually washes over soil and begins to wash away that soil, this is an example of a situation where the water erodes the soil.

What is the adjective for erode?

erodible. Capable of eroding. Capable of being eroded.

What does captivated by you mean?

1 : to influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal We were captivated by her beauty. The scenery captivated our attention. 2 archaic : seize, capture. Other Words from captivate Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More About captivate.

What are three main agents of erosion?

Most erosion is performed by liquid water, wind, or ice (usually in the form of a glacier). If the wind is dusty, or water or glacial ice is muddy, erosion is taking place. The brown color indicates that bits of rock and soil are suspended in the fluid (air or water) and being transported from one place to another.