What is the synonym word for fixed?

What is the synonym word for fixed?

What is the synonym word for fixed?

What is another word for fixed?

secure rooted
immovable set
steadfast attached
established hooked
static stationary

What is the best synonyms for fixed?


  • flat,
  • frozen,
  • hard,
  • hard-and-fast,
  • inexpugnable,
  • set,
  • settled,
  • stable.

What is another word for never end?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unending, like: never-ending, eternal, incessant, perpetual, everlasting, ceaseless, amaranthine, aeonian, endless, brief and ad-infinitum.

What is another word for firmly fixed?

What is another word for firmly fixed?

fast fixed
stable tight
immovable steadfast
stuck sure
attached immobile

What is the synonym of flourishing?

grow, thrive, prosper, do well, grow well, develop, burgeon, increase, multiply, proliferate. spring up, shoot up, bloom, blossom, bear fruit, burst forth, run riot. put on a spurt, boom, mushroom.

What is another word for variables?


  • adaptable,
  • adjustable,
  • alterable,
  • changeable,
  • elastic,
  • flexible,
  • fluid,
  • malleable,

What is ceaselessly mean?

: continuing without cease : constant ceaseless efforts.

What is an Amaranthine?

amaranthine \am-uh-RANTH-un\ adjective. 1 a : of or relating to an amaranth. b : undying. 2 : of a pinkish or rosy red color.

What is fixed firmly?

Fixed or tied firmly in position. fastened. closed. locked. secure.

What is the meaning of fixed firmly?

1 not soft or yielding to a touch or pressure; rigid; solid. 2 securely in position; stable or stationary. 3 definitely established; decided; settled.

What’s a word for personal growth?

What is another word for personal growth?

self-development personal development
self-guided improvement self-help

Are there any antonyms for fixed in free Thesaurus?

Synonyms for fixed in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for fixed. 67 synonyms for fixed: inflexible, set, steady, resolute, unwavering, unflinching, unblinking, unbending, undeviating, immovable, set, established, secure….

Are there any synonyms for the word ever?

ever-present; fixed; habitual; inborn; inbred; incurable; ineradicable; ingrained; inveterate; lasting; lifelong; lingering; long-lived; long-standing; obstinate; perennial; persistent; persisting; prolonged; protracted; recurrent; recurring; rooted; routine; settled; stubborn; sustained; tenacious; unabating; unmitigated; unyielding; usual

What does fixed mean in real estate law?

(3) A change in the amount of fixed rent allocated to a rental period that, when combined with all previous changes in the amount of fixed rent allocated to the rental period, does not exceed one percent of the fixed rent allocated to that rental period prior to the modification. (41)

Which is the best definition of fixed deposit?

Summary: Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Apr 04 (Businesswire-India): Fixed deposit (FD) or Term Deposits is a term dedicated to any deposit made with a bank or NBFC for a set period bearing a fixed rate of interest.