What is the theme of La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

What is the theme of La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

What is the theme of La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Oppression is the ultimate theme of the play,The House of Bernarda Alba, since it is what the predicament is centered around. At the opening of the play, Bernarda Alba’s second husband dies and Bernarda establishes that she and her daughters will be in mourning for eight years.

What does Bernarda Alba represent?

This desire for money than beauty shows how Spain needed economic help rather than having beauty due to the Spanish revolution. As it was mentioned before the play “The House of Bernarda Alba” represents the historical event that Spain was going through in those years.

What type of play is La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

The House of Bernarda Alba (Spanish: La casa de Bernarda Alba) is a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. Commentators have often grouped it with Blood Wedding and Yerma as a “rural trilogy”….

The House of Bernarda Alba
Original language Spanish
Genre Drama

Is La Casa de Bernarda Alba a tragedy?

The House of Bernarda Alba, probably his finest tragedy, contains within it the elements of stage immortality. It captures the life of a time and place – Anadalusia in the 1930s – with a poetic authenticity which gives it universality. It opens just after the funeral ceremonies of Bernarda Alba’s second husband.

What does the horse symbolize in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

The horse in the work of Federico García Lorca represents that force that makes its way despite and that makes itself heard … In the House of Bernarda Alba, the horse is the best expression of restrained passion. This “passion” kicks until it is released through escape or death …

What does the sea represent in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

The references between this and water (“waves” and “sea”) show how it represents freedom, as water is a symbol of this, especially the sea. Bernarda: “We will all drown ourselves in a sea of mourning. The youngest daughter of Bernarda Alba has died…”

Is Bernarda Alba a victim?

Bernarda and Torvald are victims of a status based society; the pressure to conform to standards of society brings upon unwanted consequences into the lives of both families.

Who died in La Casa de Bernarda?

There is death throughout the play. The play begins with the funeral of Bernarda’s second husband, father to four of her daughters. Each daughter reacts to this death differently. Next, there is the woman who is being dragged through the streets for having killed her newborn baby.

What does the lamb represent in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Sheep symbolizes submissiveness which most of the characters are to Bernarda.

Why does Adela wear a green dress?

The other sisters are very jealous and angry that their older sister may escape the house with her wealth. The youngest sister Adela, appears wearing a green dress, in spite of the rules for mourning and appears happy and lighthearted.

Who is the protagonist in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Pepe is responsible for all the action in the play and is such an influential figure that he is able to challenge Bernarda’s control and cause mutiny in the house thus establishes his supremacy over Bernarda as the protagonist.

What does the green dress represent in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Green was initially used as the symbol of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s campaign, Ahmadinejad’s opposition, but after the election it became the symbol of unity and hope for those asking for annulment of what they regarded as a fraudulent election. The House of Bernarda Alba closes this Saturday 10 March.

What are the themes in the House of Bernarda Alba?

The themes that are represented in la casa de Bernarda Alba are all connected to each other. As an example, the play, the house of Bernarda Alba, shows how desire can lead to death. The daughters chase after someone who is not worth their time due to the fury that is inside them.

When did Iris Scribner write La Casa de Bernarda?

Recommended Citation Bird, Iris Scribner. (1971). A study of image, symbol, and theme in La casa de Bernarda Alba. University of the Pacific, Thesis. https://scholarlycommons.pacific.edu/uop_etds/1752

How is death represented in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

In, la casa de Bernarda Alba, death is also symbolized with the black clothes the daughters wear throughout the day while the white clothes they wear is used to symbolize purity. In a metaphorical way, death is represented not only as a form of oppression but depression as well.

Who is the rich one in the House of Bernarda Alba?

“But Magdalena’s right after all! Angustias has all her father’s money; she’s the only rich one in this house and that’s why, now that Father’s dead and the money will be divided, they’re coming for her.”- (Amelia, Act I, pg.172) “Well, look for another, because you’ll need it.