What is the use of campus recruitment training?

What is the use of campus recruitment training?

What is the use of campus recruitment training?

STEPS is a comprehensive Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) program which is exclusively designed for the students preparing for recruitment and is geared towards ensuring that the students are well equipped to get through the recruitment process of various IT and NON-IT companies by gathering the inputs from the job- …

How do you teach students placement?

How does SITS Train its Students to Succeed in Campus Placement Interview?

  1. Aptitude Training.
  2. Mock Group Discussion.
  3. Technical Interview Practices.
  4. Mock Interviews.
  5. Aptitude Tests.
  6. Group Discussions.
  7. Interview Skills.
  8. Technical Round.

What is CRT exam?

APTITUDE TEST. Aptitude Test is one of the integral components in the entire scheme of the selection process. The areas normally covered in the aptitude tests of most companies are Quantitative ability, Reasoning and Verbal Ability. These tests are well structured.

Which site is best for placement preparation?

Here mentioned few top searched sites for Placement Preparation:

  • PrepInsta.
  • IndiaBix.
  • GeeksforGeeks.
  • Hackerank.
  • CodeForces.
  • Glassdoor.
  • LeetCode.

Which course is best for placement?

Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses

  • Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation.
  • Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science.
  • Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning and NLP.
  • Advanced Certificate in Blockchain Technology.
  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication.
  • PHP Certification.

What is taught in placement training?

Placement training plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of every engineering student to get placed in a top organization visiting their campus for recruitment. Training of students and equipping them with life skills has become an important responsibility of the institution.

What is direct recruitment?

Direct recruitment is a service that incorporates selection and enrolment of highly qualified personnel. Usually, the direct recruitment is used for launching new projects where the responsibility and professionalism of employees have to meet a certain high level.

Is the CRT exam hard?

The TMC Exam or Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination is known to be one of the most difficult exams to pass in all of the medical field. It’s not quite as hard as the Clinical Sims Exam, but it is very difficult in its own way.

How long is CRT training?

The Virtual Basic CRT training will consist of 16 hours of online instruction (4 Hours/4 days), 5 hours of Guided Learning and 3 hours of group work…