What is the username and password for STC modem?

What is the username and password for STC modem?

What is the username and password for STC modem?

STC Alcatel Modem Username: admin. STC Alcatel Router Password: admin.

How can I change my STC modem username and password?

STC Huawei E5577 MBB Pocket MyFi Device Settings

  1. In the browser, type
  2. Enter admin as username and password to enter the main settings menu.
  3. Now click on WLAN and then WLAN Basic Settings.
  4. Change the security mode to WPA/WPA2-PSK.
  5. Enter the new wifi password and save the settings.

How can I change my STC router name?

100.1 using any web browser > Enter the desired SSID and password (mentioned below for all STC modems/routers/MyFi) > Device info > Wireless Settings > Enter new SSID and new pre-shared key > Click on Submit button.

How to change password for STC WiFi, modem / router?

Congratulations, you have successfully changed the username and password of the STC Alcatel router. Open the IP address > login to your account > select “Network” > then select “WIFI” > “SSID1”. After this, enter the following codes in the fields provided;

How to change the password for STC Alcatel router?

Change the password for STC Alcatel Router 1 Enter the new username and password. 2 Click on “Apply”. More

Where do I Find my SSID in STC?

1- Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing > Manage Wireless Networks. 2- If you find that the wireless network is listed, right-click it and select “”Properties””, then verify your correct choice. “”Connect even if the Service Set Identifier (SSID) is not visible””.

What to do if your modem is in the wrong port?

“1- Phone cable may be in the wrong modem port / wall outlet. You should use the Correct Ports / Line Card (Tel1 / Tel 2). 2- Check your modem if it supports FTTH or not, and you should replace it if not supported by the service.