What is the value of a 2000 Yamaha V-Star?

What is the value of a 2000 Yamaha V-Star?

What is the value of a 2000 Yamaha V-Star?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,899 $1,205
Options (Change)
Total Price $5,899 $1,205

Is a 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 fuel injected?

The 650 is air cooled and runs on 2 28mm Mikuni® CV carburetors, vs. fuel injection. You will probably want to use the choke on a cold engine. The cycle’s seat is only about 27 inches high, which allows shorter riders to easily plant both feet on the ground.

How fast does a Yamaha V-Star 650 go?

At 85 mph and above, the vibration builds with a vengeance, blurring the mirrors. Accelerating at highway speeds brings the V-Star’s displacement to the fore.

How much does a 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 weight?

504.9 lbs
Air cooled, 649cc, 75° V-twin, SOHC

Power: 39.16 HP (28.8 kW) @ 6500 rpm
Torque: 50.1 Nm (36.95 lb-ft) @ 3000 rpm
Final drive: Shaft
Dry weight: 504.9 lbs
Category: Touring

What kind of oil does a Yamaha V-Star 650 take?

A bike running conventional oil may need to use 15W-30 oil in cold weather and 10W-40 in hot weather, whereas a bike running synthetic oil should be just fine running 10W-40 year around. Be careful not to use synthetic oil that contains “friction modifiers,” as these will damage your motorcycle engine.

Is Yamaha V-Star 650 for beginner?

The Yamaha V-Star 650 is a go-to beginner motorcycle if you are deeply in love with cruisers. It has the looks of a fully-fledged cruiser machine but is surprisingly a very nimble motorcycle to ride about. This gives you the surety of Yamaha’s bullet-proof reliability as well.

How much does a 650 V-Star Yamaha weigh?

Yamaha XVS 650 V-Star Custom

Make Model Yamaha XVS 650 V-Star Custom
Wheelbase 1610mm / 63.4 in
Seat Height 695 mm / 27.4 in
Dry Weight 214 kg / 471 lbs
Wet Weight 233 kg / 514 lbs

How fast will a vstar 1100 go?

This air-cooled, 75-degree, V-twin engine produces 62 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and 63 foot-pounds of torque at only 2,500 rpm. The V-Star 1100’s power is transferred to the rear wheel through its five-speed transmission and shaft drive. The overall package delivers a top speed of approximately 100 mph.

What do you need to know about the Yamaha V Star 650?

The Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic Information: The Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic is all about vintage style with lines that basically define a midweight cruiser. Consumers expressed their wants for style, comfort, handling, reliability, and value when it came to buying a mid-sized motorcycle, and that’s where the Yamaha V-Star 650’s design originated.

How many miles does a 2000 Yamaha VStar have?

2000 Yamaha Vstar Classic–great condition, only 9,171 miles! Love this bike, but moving and need to sell.Clean title; tags good through December 2021… 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic cruiser. 97,480 miles.

What’s the price of a Yamaha V Star?

In fact, it’s estimated that 15 to 17 percent of all V Star customers are first-time buyers. The V Star Classic and Custom are available in two colors – Onyx or Cranberry Red/Cherry Red – and will be available in Yamaha dealerships worldwide in June 1999 at a manufacturers’ US suggested retail price of $5,999 and $5,699, respectively.

How big is a 2000 Yamaha 650 classic?

2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic 1 Specifications: M.S.R.P. $5,999.00 2 POWERTRAIN 3 Displacement 649cc 4 DRIVETRAIN 5 DIMENSIONS. Length 96.5″ Height 43.5″ Ground Clearance 5.7″ Dry Weight 495 lbs. Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.