What is the wingspan of a King Air?

What is the wingspan of a King Air?

What is the wingspan of a King Air?

57 ft 11 in

Length 43 ft 10 in (13.4 m)
Wingspan 57 ft 11 in (17.65 m)
Wing Area 310 sq ft (28.8 sq m)
Wheelbase 14 ft 11 in (4.55 m)
Tread 17 ft 2 in (5.23 m)

How far can a King Air 90 fly?

Ready to roam farther?

King Air C90GTx
Range (4 PAX) 975 nm (1,806 km)
Takeoff Distance 1,984 ft (605 m)
Service Ceiling 30,000 ft (9,144 m)

How fast is a King Air F90?

Stock F90s can cruise around 260 KTAS, while the -1 can hit 270. Fuel capacity is a substantial 3,149 pounds. With fuel burns in the 500 to 650 pounds-per-hour range (75 to 100 gph), depending on power setting, the F90 pilot has lots of flexibility to go fast or go far.

What is the smallest King Air?

Beech has produced six different basic King Air models, with the 90 series the smallest. The first Model 90 King Air was introduced in 1964; it was basically a Queen Air with turboprops.

What is the difference between a King Air 350 and 360?

King Air 360ER The main differences between the 360 and 360ER are the increase in range, useful load, and occupancy. The 360ER can carry 15 passengers. This is four seats more than the 360 model. In addition, the extended-range model has a range of 2,692 nautical miles.

Is King Air pressurized?

Available Seating Up To 15 Occupants The King Air 360ER aircraft provides large, pressurized, environmentally controlled cabins.

Is King Air C90 pressurized?

Seating six comfortably in its pressurized cabin, the C90 cost $399,500 including complete anti-ice/deice equipment and avionics. Maximum cruising speed was 253 mph, initial rate of climb 2,000 fpm and the C90 could reach a service ceiling of 25,600 feet.

What is a King Air F90?

The King Air F90 and F90-1 were produced between 1979 and 1985. The F90 actually is a “hybrid” King Air in that it combines the fuselage and wings of the King Air E90 with the T-tail of the King Air 200.

How much is a King Air 90?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned BEECHCRAFT King Air C90 is $460,888.89.

Is a King Air pressurized?