What is there to do in Marbella old town?

What is there to do in Marbella old town?

What is there to do in Marbella old town?

Twelve must-see key points in Marbella’s old town: a walking tour with Wikiloc

  • Hotel Fuerte Marbella. Hotel Fuerte Marbella.
  • Entry gate to the old town.
  • Chapel of San Juan de Dios.
  • Museum of Contemporary Spanish Printmaking.
  • Church of the Incarnation.
  • Our Lady of Sorrows.
  • Arab Wall.
  • Santo Cristo Hermitage.

Is Marbella Old Town expensive?

There are ridiculously expensive places in Marbella, but the old town, in addition to being a lovely place, has lots of places that won’t break the bank and that are in fact quite comparable to Sitges in terms of price.

Is Marbella old town Lively?

With so many visitors, it’s no surprise that the town has cultivated a lively nightlife, with a bar for every season and every traveler. …

What is the Centre of Marbella called?

Plaza de los Naranjos
Framed by historic buildings and classic white Andalusian houses, Plaza de los Naranjos is the hub of Marbella Old Town. Taking its name from the orange trees that surround the Renaissance fountain that sits in its centre, the square is mostly occupied by the umbrella-shaded tables and chairs of nearby restaurants.

Is Marbella better than Malaga?

Marbella or Malaga? Definitely Malaga! Marbella is nice but if you want culture and historical sites then Malaga is the one to go for.

Are drinks expensive in Marbella?

The drinks prices are absolutely scandalous compared to everywhere else nearby, especially on the front line, but that’s Banús for you. You’ll find a lot better value in Marbella, or in some of the bars back from the sea where the locals drink.

Which is better Puerto Banus or Marbella?

You have to understand that Marbella is a working town where locals live and work, while Puerto Banús has a much more tourist resort look and feel. Marbella historic centre is one of the most beautiful in the area, very well preserved and lovely to walk.

Is Marbella posh?

The area of Marbella in Malaga, on the south coast of Spain in Andalusia, is full of exclusive luxury urbanizaciones, or private estates, the perfect place to live whether you’re moving with the family or retiring.