What is Thiago Alcantara good at?

What is Thiago Alcantara good at?

What is Thiago Alcantara good at?

How good is he? Put quite simply, Thiago is one of the world’s best midfielders – and one of the most successful. He has won a major league title nine times in his 10 seasons (since he started played enough games in a season to qualify for a medal) – two with Barcelona and seven in a row with Bayern.

Why is Thiago Alcantara so good?

Thiago’s laser-like passing ability has long been the most famed aspect of his game, and he continues to circulate the ball with the regularity of a metronome – this term he boasts a staggering 93 per cent pass completion rate, which is second only to Dortmund’s Axel Witsel among Bundesliga midfielders.

What type of player is Thiago Alcantara?

central midfielders
Thiago is a deep-lying playmaker who is always looking to get on the ball and control a match through his passing. He is similar – in possession in particular – to Sergio Busquets, Rodri and Jorginho, in that they are all central midfielders who link play between their team’s units and progress play through the thirds.

Why did Thiago leave?

Thiago will be leaving Germany with many happy memories, but he believes the time has come for him to seek out “new challenges”. He posted in a message to Bayern and their supporters on social media: “Yes, I have made the most difficult decision of my sports career. “My decision is purely of a sporting nature.

Is Thiago a 6?

As a number 6 (holding midfielder)

Is Thiago Alcantara any good?

His passing accuracy (91.7 percent in the Bundesliga this season, per WhoScored.com) and ridiculous range make assists and clear-cut chances created an organic by-product of his game. He’s been one of the best players in the UEFA Champions League so far this season, garnering four assists in four games.

What is wrong with Thiago Liverpool?

The Spain midfielder is still out with a knee injury suffered in the Merseyside derby.

How much does Thiago Alcantara get paid?

2021 Active Roster

Player (27) Pos. Annual Salary
Thiago Alcántara do Nascimento M £10,400,000
Mohamed Salah F £10,400,000
Trent Alexander-Arnold D £9,360,000
Roberto Firmino F £9,360,000

Is Kimmich better than Thiago?

In the Bundesliga last season, Kimmich (four goals and seven assists) and Goretzka (six goals and five assists) easily outperformed Thiago (three goals and zero assists) in terms of goal involvements.

When did Alcantara leave Barcelona?

Thiago Alcântara

Personal information
2008–2011 Barcelona B (2)
2009–2013 Barcelona (7)
2013–2020 Bayern Munich (17)
2020– Liverpool (1)

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28 years (12 February 1993)