What is Tkprof in Oracle with example?

What is Tkprof in Oracle with example?

What is Tkprof in Oracle with example?

TKPROF can generate a SQL script that creates a table and inserts rows of statistics into it. This script contains: A CREATE TABLE statement that creates an output table named TKPROF_TABLE . INSERT statements that add rows of statistics, one for each traced SQL statement, to the TKPROF_TABLE .

What is the use of Tkprof command in Oracle?

Determines the execution plan for each SQL statement in the trace file and writes these execution plans to the output file. TKPROF determines execution plans by issuing the EXPLAIN PLAN command after connecting to Oracle with the user and password specified in this parameter.

What is Oracle performance tuning?

Performance tuning is the process of optimizing Oracle performance by streamlining the execution of SQL statements. In other words, performance tuning simplifies the process of accessing and altering information contained by the database with the intention of improving query response times and application operations.

What is TRC file in Oracle?

Diagnostic data file produced by Oracle database software; includes a detailed sequence of statements that describe events as they are executed; can be used to identify events that led to a database error or for other database analysis.

What is Tfactl?

The tfactl command can: » Provide you a real-time status summary. » Perform analysis using a combination of different database tools, using a common syntax. » Collect all relevant diagnostic log data, with logs trimmed files around the time, collecting only what is necessary for diagnosis.

What is DB performance tuning?

SQL performance tuning is the process of making SQL statements run as smoothly as possible by finding and taking the quickest route to answer a query.

How does SQL trace work with tkprof-Oracle?

Identification of User Issuing the SQL Statement in TKPROF. TKPROF also lists the user ID of the user issuing each SQL statement. If the SQL Trace input file contained statistics from multiple users and the statement was issued by more than one user, then TKPROF lists the ID of the last user to parse the statement.

How to do a tkprof analysis in orcl92?

C:\\oracle9i\\admin\\ORCL92\dump> tkprof ORCL92_ora_3064.trc output.txt insert= tkprof .sql record=Allsql.sql Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Based on the command above, tkprof will process the file ORCL92_ora_3064.trc and format the results in the file output.txt.

How to use tkprof utility along with syntax and parameters?

How to use TKPROF utility along with syntax and parameters? How to use TKPROF utility along with syntax and parameters?

Why is the tkprof sample output always the same?

TKPROF Sample Output Note:The output of the EXPLAIN PLAN command reflects the behavior of the Oracle optimizer. Because the optimizer is likely to evolve between releases of the Oracle Server, output from the EXPLAIN PLAN command will also evolve.