What is UL standard 508A?

What is UL standard 508A?

What is UL standard 508A?

UL 508A is the UL standard for the construction of Industrial Control Panels. This document gives guidelines to panel builders on various issues including proper component selection, wiring methods and calculation of short circuit current ratings. Upon successful inspection, the panel would bear the UL label.

What components are allowed to be used in a UL 508A panel?

Component Selection UL-508 listed components can be used freely in a UL-508A panel design. These tend to be components that are designed so that they will be safe no matter how they are hooked up (within reason). Examples would be DC power supplies, industrial PCs, and PLC components.

How do you get a UL panel Certification?

Option 2 – Contact a UL 508A Panel Shop near you. Tell them your situation and have them evaluate the work required to make your panel conform to the UL 508 standard. Give them your control panel so they can make it conform and apply a UL 508A label. Cost will vary, but it should be less than a UL Field Evaluation.

Do control panels need to be UL listed?

Baked-in safety for all components Certification to UL508A does not mean you can build to or meet any other standard. Therefore, ALL mechanical draft equipment and controllers, including Motor Control Centers, Switchboards, Panel Boards and Draft Controllers, require separate and unique UL certifications.

How do I check if a product is UL listed?

Check the Label

  1. Look for the UL trademark!
  2. Right under the UL trademark, the word LISTED or CLASSIFIED will appear in all capital letters.
  3. Under LISTED/CLASSIFIED you will find what the product is.
  4. Most importantly, under the product identity is the control or issue number.

What is the UL 508A industrial control panel shop program?

The UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Shop Program is a part of UL’s General Coverage programs, which offer control panel manufacturers flexibility to apply UL Certification Marks to a wide range of industrial control panel designs.

When do industrial control panels need UL certification?

We provide certification of industrial control panels to UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels. The third edition of UL 508A becomes effective on July 1, 2020. So, understanding and applying current requirements is essential to meet your customer needs and market demands.

Who is the principal engineer for UL 508A third edition?

Watch the complimentary on-demand webinar: UL 508A third edition update, hosted by John Kovacik, principal engineer. He will review the changes from UL 508A second edition to UL 508A third edition.

What are the benefits of an ul 508A ICP?

There are a number of benefits to choosing a UL 508A certified ICP. These include: Third Party Certification: Electrical inspectors look for this mark as evidence of third-party certification.