What is WAN Miniport PPPoE?

What is WAN Miniport PPPoE?

What is WAN Miniport PPPoE?

The WAN miniport is a software adapter used by the operating system to access the WAN. Most of the time, the WAN miniport is used to connect to the Internet through a Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet connection. In essence, to connect through the WAN miniport, you must have a valid PPPoE connection set up.

What error code is 615?

Resolve TV errors

DIRECTV error code numbers and messages
Error code or message Brief Description
DIRECTV error code: 614, 615 or 616 Video connection lost between your Genie client and the Wireless Video Bridge or main Genie receiver.

How do I get rid of error 651?

How to Fix a Connection Failed With Error 651 Error

  1. Test the connection on another device.
  2. Try a different connection.
  3. Check for loose cables.
  4. Reboot the modem and router.
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter.
  7. Check for Windows updates.
  8. Update the network adapter driver.

How do you fix Error 651 The modem has reported an error?

How to fix the error 651 in my computer

  1. Restart your computer and modem.
  2. Update your network card driver.
  3. Troubleshoot settings in Network and Sharing Center.
  4. Reset TCP/IP on your Windows.
  5. Disable the auto tuning feature.

How do you fix PPPoE failure?

Resolution for SonicOS 6.5

  1. Ensure proper power connections.
  2. Check the WAN link light.
  3. Try rebooting the DSL modem and the SonicWall.
  4. Ensure there is no DSL modem or line problem (PPPoE discovery not completing).
  5. Ensure the username and password is correct (authentication success or failure).

What does code 614 mean?

DirecTV error code 614 means that the video connection has been lost between the Wireless Video Bridge or better known as the Main Genie receiver and the Genie Client. If you get error code 617, there’s the likelihood of an issue with the connection between the Genie Client and the Main Genie Receiver.

What is a 615 code for DirecTV?

Error code 615 Error code 615 on DirecTV occurs because of a connection issue. You will see it when your equipment is not communicating with the primary Genie receiver. That can occur because you replaced the Genie DVR or the wireless video bridge lost power or is restarting.