What is ZRA in Zambia?

What is ZRA in Zambia?

What is ZRA in Zambia?

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is responsible for collecting revenue on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) under the supervision of the Minister of Finance.

What does ZRA stand for?


Acronym Definition
ZRA Zambia Revenue Authority
ZRA Zambezi River Authority
ZRA Zero Resistance Ammeter
ZRA Zomi Revolutionary Army

What are ZRA core values?

Our commitment to serving Government, taxpayers, employees and other stakeholders is reflected in our Corporate Values: Taxpayer focus. Integrity. Professionalism.

What is a ZRA TPIN?

TPIN is a unique ten-digit computer generated number allocated to a taxpayer upon registration with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA). It is a pre – requisite for any transaction with ZRA concerning taxes be it Domestic Taxes or Customs Services. All bank account holders are also required to obtain a TPIN.

Who is the CEO of ZRA?

Brandon Copperfield
Brandon CopperfieldFounder & CEO.

How do I generate a TPIN?

How can I generate HDFC TPIN? Call PhoneBanking to get the OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number for PIN generation at the ATM. Insert your credit card at the HDFC Bank ATM and on the language selection screen, choose. Enter OTP received on your mobile.

Which ministry is in charge of passports?

Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Home Affairs ยป Department of national registration, passports and citizenship.

What are the core values of Zuno?

ZUNO is committed to being a vibrant, self-sustaining, Professional and Socio-Economic Welfare Organization that will protect and promote the interests of nurses and midwives through effective representation and capacity building.

How do I get a TPIN?

You can follow the below steps to regenerate your TPIN:

  1. On the CDSL website enter your BO ID and PAN. You can find your BO ID here.
  2. You will receive an OTP to your registered email ID and mobile number. Enter your OTP.
  3. Create your own TPIN, and click on Submit.

How do I check my TPIN?

Just head to the ZRA website https://www.zra.org.zm or with the second link provided below if you are already registered with ZRA Portal. With the first link look for Taxpayer Search tab, it will take you to https://portal.zra.org.zm/searchTaxpayer#! and bingo there you are; just type in your NRC.

How do I contact ZRA?

  1. For more information contact:
  2. +260 211 381111/ 0971-281111/
  3. 5972 / 0962251111.
  4. Email us at: [email protected]
  5. Website: www.zra.org.zm.

How does the customs and Excise Act work in Zambia?

Under Section 32 of the Customs and Excise Act, Cap 322 of the Laws of Zambia, an operator is able to remove dutiable goods from an entry port to an inland port without payment of duties and taxes. At the inland port the goods may be final cleared or warehoused in a bonded warehouse for a period of up-to twelve (12) months.

Where can I get customs duty rebate in Zambia?

Under this Regulation, a customs duty rebate will be granted to machinery and equipment used for manufacturing that is located in a Multi-Facility Economic Zone, or in an Industrial Park, or in a Rural area.

Which is an incentive under the customs and Excise Act?

Other incentives under the Customs and Excise Act and Customs and Excise (General) Regulations include: Duty drawback is a mechanism whereby duties paid on inputs that go into the production of exports are refunded so that the export is not rendered uncompetitive as a result of these duties.

What are the powers of a customs officer?

Officers to travel free when on duty 7. Powers of officers in relation to ships, aircraft, or vehicles 8. Sealing of goods on ships, aircraft, or vehicles 9. General powers of officers 10. Taking of samples 11. Opening of packages 12. Action of officer when given unsatisfactory answers to questions 13. Customs ports, aerodromes and houses 14.