What jobs are best for ENFJ?

What jobs are best for ENFJ?

What jobs are best for ENFJ?

Best careers for ENFJ personality types

  1. Guidance counselor. ENFJs’ highly empathic nature makes them very good at counseling others.
  2. Teacher.
  3. Public relations account manager.
  4. Sales manager.
  5. Art director.
  6. Human resources director.

Are ENFJ and ESFJ compatible?

ENFJs and ESFJs are very similar and therefore highly compatible in relationships. Their differences in communication can create a rift, but these types can nonetheless have a vibrant relationship together.

Who should ESFJ marry?

The best match for an ESFJ personality is the ISFP: the relationship works because both personality types have sensing and feeling traits. Both ESFJ and ISFP partners like to share their emotions.

What should an ENFJ major in?

ENFJs with Investigative interests often find the hard sciences (i.e., physics, chemistry) too disconnected from the world of people. Hence, they are more apt to major in the social sciences (psychology, sociology, geography, political science, etc.).

What makes an ENFJ fall in love?

ENFJs fall in love quickly. They are people-oriented and love is a big part of their lives. ENFJs know early on whether someone is special and they’ll want to discover everything about their love interest. They are decisive when it comes to love and when they know, they know.

Are ENFJs hard workers?

ENFJs have a very strong work ethic, and truly believe in doing their best. ENFJs will work themselves to the bone in order to ensure that the people they care for are provided for. They are often competitive people and will push to be the best at whatever they do.

Who are ESFJ attracted to?

ESFJs are attracted to people who are passionate and unique, and become bored with those who don’t have any kind of spark or fire in them. ESFJs are often drawn to many different kinds of talent, and enjoy exploring the different special qualities that someone might possess.

Is ENFJ a rare?

How rare is the ENFJ personality type? ENFJ is one of the less common types in the population, especially for men. ENFJs make up: 3% of the general population.

Are ENFJs smart?

Highly emotionally intelligent, ENFJs are great at “reading” the emotional state of others, and excel at delivering difficult messages with compassion and diplomacy. They thrive in collaborative environments, and have a gift for persuasion and building consensus.